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5 Best Marksman Mobile Legends Season 13 Good for push ranking

5 Best Marksman Mobile Legends Season 13 Good for push ranking

Sagittarius is a role that is very important in Mobile Legends game today. Its mid to late game damage dealer role is desperately needed. In addition, this one hero role can also be a carry, allowing him to reverse the situation that ends in victory.

Not every shooter is very useful, especially for season 13. At least the current meta is dominated by the 5 shooters below. We can use them for solo rank or mabar. On top of that, the damage done by the five heroes is also very terrible, making it very suitable for the push rank.

Here are the 5 best Mobile Legends Season 13 shooters to help you advance Solo Rank or Mabar.

1. Claude

Claude Mobile Legends

The first hero I recommend for push rank in season 13 is Claude. Since its first publication on the original server, it has always been a Pick subscriber, often even a blocked subscription. This hero is really a very deadly damage dealer in season 13.

Claude is known for having very high attack speed and very large burst damage. The damage to this hero is really terrible when only 2 items are used, namely demon hunter sword and golden staff. If you have purchased these two items, you must be careful when handling Claude.

Then another advantage of this claude is agile. With his second skill, he can easily get in or out of a team fight. Unlike other archers with low mobility, but Claude has it. Claude is very difficult to learn with this skill.

Claude’s strengths:

  • High attack speed and explosion damage,
  • fast agriculture,
  • Easy to push track,
  • Agile (Skill 2),
  • Strong for team combat (Skills 1 and 3).

Claude’s weaknesses

  • The shooting range is quite short,
  • Need the right positioning and timing,
  • Often blocked.

2. Career

Karrie Mobile Legends

The next shooting hero to be very good at pushing rank in season 13 is Karrie. This hero is known as the “Panzerkiller” because of his ability to kill tanks very easily. Karrie is a subscription hero for professional players from Legend level and in the Mobile Legends tournament.

Karrie is a shooter who can inflict real damage on the target. This true damage cannot be penetrated by physical or magical defense, including damage reduction. So no matter how strong the physical magical and magical defense we have, real damage will still occur.

Hence, Karrie is known as an anti-tank gunner as he can kill tanks very quickly. No matter how heavy a tank driver is, it will be normal for Karrie as it is for other heroes. Especially when we combine it with the right items like Endless Battle and Thunder Belt.

In addition to having high burst damage, Karrie has the ability to reduce or slow the enemy’s movement speed. This makes it more difficult for the enemy to escape, especially in combination with the thunder belt or the scythe of corrosion.

Carrie’s advantages:

  • Panzerkiller (anti-tank defense),
  • high explosion damage,
  • Quite agile (Skill 2),
  • Can slow down enemies.

Karrie’s weaknesses

  • Vulnerable to crowd control,
  • Very short shooting range,
  • It’s still easy to get hit by a gang.

3. Kimmy

Kimmy Mobile Legends

Kimmy is quite a unique heroine because we can control her attacks manually and all of her abilities can offer two types of attacks at the same time, namely physical and magical attacks. Hence, we can make Kimmy a marksman or a mage hero. However, in my opinion, it is better to use it as a Sagittarius.

Kimmy’s most terrifying ability is her first ability and base attack. The first skill can give the basic attack a buff. Kimmy’s basic attack can make her the most effective DPS (Damage Per Second) hero on the team. Because the basic attack can be used while moving and also has a terrible DPS.

Plus, with his ultimate skill, he can also be a very good finisher. This skill can be used from a great distance and does enormous damage. Then he also has Skill 2, which gives him a high degree of mobility.

Kimmy’s advantages:

  • Can move in any direction when attacking,
  • Ultimate skill is very advanced and the cooldown is very short,
  • High DPS and hybrid damage (physical and magical).

Kimmy’s weaknesses:

  • Difficult to move in analogue
  • The attack range is quite short,
  • Vulnerable to Gank and CC.

4. Granger

Granger Mobile Legends

Granger is a fairly new shooter in Mobile Legends. But while new, he can be compared to other Sagittarius. He can be described as an over-power hero for other sniper hero classes.

Granger also has a very terrible burst damage attack. The skills of the two are really terrifying. Then the ultimate skill also has a sufficiently large range and can be spammed 3 times so that it can be used for finishing.

Then you can describe this Granger as quite agile thanks to his second ability. With this skill he can run away or hunt down enemies. But this Granger is more focused on harm. Almost all of the abilities he has can deal critical damage. Even the damage in the middle game is really sick.

Granger Benefits:

  • Burst damage is very great,
  • Can target opponents from a distance,
  • Very dominant in the late game.

Granger weaknesses:

  • It is very easy to be attacked by assassins
  • Can’t attack for a few seconds
  • Difficult to play (especially in the early game).

5. Irithelium

Irithel Mobile Legends

The final archery hero to go really well for the push rank in Season 13 of Mobile Legends is Irithel. This hero is famous for having very terrible critical damage in the late game. The damage it does is huge, so it can kill enemy heroes with just a few shots.

Just like Kimmy, Irithel can shoot while on the move. So he can beat the opponent very easily. Then he also has a sprint skill with his second ability so that he can easily chase after the enemy or escape from them. Although the sprint distance is very short, it will really help him get into or out of a team fight.

The worst thing about Irithel is its Ultimate Ability, which can do tremendous critical damage. In addition to this, this skill is also an area so it can be used very effectively for team fights. His first skill can also degrade the enemy’s armor so the damage Irithel does continues to hurt.

Irithel benefits:

  • Can rub the enemy with his passive,
  • Burst damage is very great,
  • Has an ability to escape.

Irithelial weaknesses:

  • Very weak in early to middle game,
  • Agriculture is relatively long,
  • Vulnerable to Gank and CC.

The last word

These are some of the best marksman heroes that do very well for the push rank in Season 13 of Mobile Legends. In fact, basically all heroes are good when we are able to maximize their skills. However, it becomes even more effective if you use heroes who are meta when playing. This way, your chances of winning will be greater. Then the five heroes are also used by professional players, be it in the Legend or Mytic level. Much luck.

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