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How to Use PUBG Mobile's M16A4 Gun and its Best Gear

How to Use PUBG Mobile's M16A4 Gun and its Best Gear

M16A4 is a player’s favorite weapon PUBG Mobile. Weapon type Assault rifle It has a 5.56mm bullet that we can pair with too Snout, sight, and magic.

For those of you who have seen the Rambo movie, you may know this M16A4. Yes, this weapon is very reliable for paralyzing the enemy. The advantages of this weapon are: fire rate and damage large, as well as a fairly long shooting range. That’s why there are a lot of players PUBG Mobile who is hunting for this weapon.

Well, on this occasion, I want to tell you a story about how to use the M16A4 gun that you often use in games. PUBG Mobile.

1. Shoot targets at close range

While M16A4 PUBG Mobile is quite difficult to use, it will be a deadly weapon for killing enemies from close range. With Peak and Fire out of cover, killing enemies with burst mode and agile moves will get you charged faster to take down enemies.

2. Do not press the record button too quickly

The M16A4 is a weapon with two modes of fire, namely burst and single. However, using Burst mode makes this weapon more stable and can kill enemies very quickly.

Since it uses burst mode, don’t press the record button too often. Because if you do this often, the direction of your shots will become more irregular or all over the place.

3. Can be a deadly sniper

The M16A4 includes weapons that we can use quite flexibly. We can use it near and far.

Well, with the mode singles and Attachments In the right way, the M16A4 can be a very deadly weapon like a Sniper rifle. You can pair this weapon with 4x or 6x rifle scope. Even when aiming at enemies, you often have to lie down with it Recoilis reduced.

4. Recommendations for attachment

In order for the M16A4 to be a deadly and effective weapon, I recommend the following attachments.

  • Rifle scope: I recommend a 4x rifle scope,
  • Compensator (AR): you can use horizontal or vertical recoil,
  • Quickdraw Extended Mag (AR): can use reload or magazine capacity.

This time this is the tutorial M16A4 in the PUBG Mobile game. So don’t hesitate to use this weapon if you already know the trick. Good luck and hopefully useful.

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