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Yves Skill Row, new mobile hero legends

GAMEFINITY.ID, Jakarta – Mobile Legends just released its new hero in patch 1.5.52, which was released recently. He’s Yve, a hero mage with a poke / burst damage specialty. Yve didn’t have a long shelf life because he was a magician.

Likewise, the offense in possession is also quite minor. Even so, this hero has a very deadly ability effect. The damage done by each of Yve’s abilities is also very large.

You could say this hero is pretty easy to play considering he has a wide variety of skills that are useful in combat. Yve’s passive skill is Galactic Power, which gains a stack of Galactic Power from each Skill on display. With a maximum of 10 stacks.

Yve also has the Void Blast skill, which can explode galactic energy in a specific direction, inflicting magical damage on the target. The second skill is Void Crystal, in which Yve summons Void Crystal in the direction indicated, dealing magical damage and slowing the target.

Yve also has Ultimate Real World Manipulation where he can create a chess box in a predetermined area. Deals great magic damage along with a slow effect. In Ultimate mode, Yve cannot be influenced by crowd control, with the exception of the suppressed effects of Franco and Kaja.

According to the statement on the YouTube channel VY Gamming, Yve is an Over Power (OP) hero. But Yye can be countered with all heroes, considering that Yve is a soft hero.

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