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Mobile Legends Badang, Strengths and Weaknesses

Mobile Legends players, especially Hero Fighter Mobile Legends lovers, need to check out this article as we are going to present complete information about one of the Hero Fighters in Mobile Legends which is pretty awesome. Who is he? He is Badang the Hero Fighter from neighboring Malaysia.

If you want to be good at Mobile Legends, you need to know all of the heroes in ML, one of whom is Badang. And this article is your tool to see about the Hero Mobile Legends called Badang. This article will tell you more about the origins as well as the pros and cons of Badang.

The origin of the Badang hero

Mobile Legends Badang

Badang was once known as a tough and fairly strong man, he was a tough man who lived in a small village south of the Land of Dawn. Badang is well known by his citizens, he is not only strong but also known as a kindhearted man and likes to help others, especially those in need.

The average job of the residents of Badang village is fishing, where the residents go in search of fish almost every day. Once a disaster occurred for local residents who were looking for fish, the local residents’ equipment for fishing suddenly broke, making it difficult for local residents to find fresh fish.

The good-hearted Badang wants to help the villagers by helping them find fish. While Badang was looking for fish, a fish-like figure that looked like a monster suddenly appeared, damaging Badang’s equipment. Not long after, the fish faced Badang and Badang won the battle with serious injuries.

The fish monster who defeated Badang turned out to be an elf who accidentally became a monster due to his negligence. The elf thanked Badang by giving him strength so that his injured hand was healed and had strength. This is the origin story of the Hero Mobile Legends Badang.

Strengths and weaknesses of the body

Do you already know and understand the origin of the Hero Mobile Legends from Malaysia called Badang? We invite you all to continue to understand the pros and cons of Badang in the Mobile Legends game.

The advantages of Mobile Legends Badang are as follows: Has significant damage in its class. Hero who can be tough on enemies alone or in a gang. Has the potential to become a carry with a major breakout of damage. Has a lot of skills with crowd control.

The disadvantages of Mobile Legends Badang are as follows: Badang cannot be an offlaner. At the start of the game, Badang isn’t all that deadly. Skills that are easy to read and avoid. Hero control is quite difficult and lacking for the size of a fighter type hero. Badang’s skills are difficult to understand and use, and Badang relies too much on skills.

That’s our take on the pros and cons of the Hero Mobile Legends called Badang. Our advice to you is to keep practicing and developing your skills in Mobile Legends by studying Badang Hero, one of them because every ML Hero has its advantages and disadvantages including Badang.

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