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Young Lex is accused of plagiarizing Lay Exo in the Three Kingdoms: Legendary Hero promo video

GAMEFINITY.ID, Jakarta – Indonesian rapper Young Lex is again a hot topic of conversation among Indonesian internet users. The reason is that the real name of rapper Samuel Alexander Pieter is accused of copying the video album “Lit” by international musician Zhang Yixing or Lay EXO for the video for the song The Last King on his YouTube channel.

The video for the song was used to promote the mobile game Three Kingdoms: Legendary Hero. As a result, the names Young Lex and “Respect Zhang Yixing” became trending topics on Twitter as a result of this case. The hashtags “Young Lex”, “Plagiarism”, “Dragon” and “RESPECT ZHANG YIXING” are popular Twitter topics.

A number of media outlets, including foreign media outlets (, then compared the intro and concept of The Last King’s video clip to Lit. On social media, internet users also paired the two video clips while inserting the hashtag Respect Zhang Yixing to have.

“Yixing worked really hard to make Lit MV. he handled the concept and the cost himself and you didn’t respect him and said “kpop fans will say this is plagiarism” no you don’t say it because it really is, “wrote the twitter Account @skyntist.

As reported by Kompas, Zhang Yixing’s Respect hashtag led the Twitter trend until Tuesday (March 9th, 2021) at 8:30 a.m. WIB and tweeted more than 127,000 tweets.

However, instead of apologizing, Young Lex is actually satirizing Indonesian internet users. “Bourgeois K-pop fans will say this is plagiarism,” Young Lex commented on the video. The 28-year-old rapper later deleted the comment.

As a result, the video entitled “Young Lex – The Last King | The official song for Three Kingdoms: Legendary Hero “actually received more dislikes than likes from Youtubers. Gamefinity monitoring until Tuesday (03.09.2021) at 2:15 p.m. WIB, this video received 24,000 dislikes versus 18,000 likes.

For your information, Zhang Yixing or better known as LAY is a musician from China who is also a member of the boy band EXO. In the song Lit he acts as a songwriter, record producer, dancer and actor. This solo album itself was recorded in China and sold up to 30 million yuan (about 6.6 billion rupees).

The sales record in a short running time of 7 minutes and 19 seconds was fantastic at QQ Music on May 29, 2021. This song also topped the iTunes top charts in several countries, including Indonesia.

As a reminder, according to KBBI itself, plagiarism means “taking other people’s writings (opinions, etc.) and copying them like your own compositions (opinions, etc.)”.

That said, if an author wants to take over part or all of someone else’s work, it is very important to identify the source or author of the original work so that it does not fall into the “plagiarism” category.

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