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Mobile Legends Yi Sun Shin, strengths and weaknesses

Don’t call yourself good at Mobile Legends if you don’t just understand one hero. Would you like to play Mobile Legends well? Always practice and always understand the characteristics of every hero in Mobile Legends, both the story and the pros and cons in Mobile Legends.

We have a hero who is a shame to miss understanding, who is he? He is a hero from South Korea named Yi Sun Shin aka YSS. In this article, we will tell you more about the strengths and weaknesses of YSS Hero, and we will also explain the genesis of YSS in Mobile Legends.

The origin of the hero Yi Sun Shin

Yi Shun Shin Mobile Legends

Yi Sun Shin, or commonly called YSS, is a troop leader or general in Southeast Asia known for his skill, intelligence, and leadership. YSS loves peace very much, with his love for it he founded a fleet to keep peace in South Korea.

The ability of YSS was not questioned by the Korean royal officials there, it was proven that YSS was able to devise a strategy that could bring the Korean kingdom into a kingdom that was high by many other rulers in different parts of the country The world was respected and feared back then.

It is said that the general, the leader of the Korean troops, Yi Sun Shin, will win any war. YSS not only made Korea a respected country, but also made its part of the country ruler of the Asian seas, as YSS always won fights in other parts of the port area.

The character of Yi Sun Shin has become the pride of the Korean nation to this day, with his skill and achievements it is no wonder that he entered as a hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The creation of Yi Sun Shins Mobile Legends is complete, which we have explained and summarized to you all.

Strengths and weaknesses of Yi Sun Shin

Each Mobile Legends Hero has its advantages and disadvantages to using it, including Hero Yi Sun Shin. What are the benefits of Mobile Legends Yi Sun Shin? And does Yi Sun Shin have a lot or less of the hero when he is played? Watch this stage through to the end so you know the pros and cons of Hero Yi Sun Shin (YSS).

The advantages of Mobile Legends Yi Sun Shin are as follows: It is easy to escape from tight quarters or enemy ambushes with your escape skill. Hero who can be stable, especially in the late game state. Hero Yi Sun Shin has high mobility. Has a skill with a long attack range. There is a beneficial buff effect. Has pretty high burst damage.

Disadvantages of Mobile Legends are Yi Sun Shin as follows: It is quite difficult to master Yi Sun Shin in some way. YSS is a hero who has no crowd control. During the early game, Yi Sun Shin was not very special in some ways. YSS’s cooldown or ability delay is quite long. Yss Skill is easy to counter and read by enemy heroes.

Now that you know the pros and cons of Yi Sun Shin in Mobile Legends, we recommend that you understand what we explained again until you remember it well, then the next step is to understand what builds or items are suitable for YSS.

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