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Wild tips with Ling in Mobile Legends

As AssassinIndeed, Ling is good for hit-and-run tactics, where Ling seeks the right time to attack before disappearing. Not cowardice, but strategy, because they are very soft, but have the ability to move away from enemies quickly.

Before we dive into the technique of using Ling, as usual, Jaka wants to talk a little bit about the looks and background of this character

Ling in Mobile Legends, the blue assassin who attacks from above

Ling Andro01

Almost like Wanwan, Ling’s character traits come from the mythology of the 4 beasts from China. Here Ling takes on the role of the bird of the south. The difference is that when the bird is depicted as red in Chinese mythology, Ling is referred to as Blue Kutilang in Mobile Legends instead.

The Ling looked even more elegant compared to Gusion and was certainly a far cry from the wild Hanzo. He uses a blue sword as his main weapon and is said to have completely inaudible steps.

But don’t let its sleek looks fool you as this new assassin has a very painful sting.

Skill Ling Mobile Legends


Not only does Ling have unique abilities, but it will force you to reconsider your thoughts on Mobile Legends.

At first glance, Ling resembles Fanny, who uses walls as an element of the game in Mobile Legends. Ling was even more excited, however.

The following is a list of Ling’s skills, along with a brief explanation.

Ling assassin

1. Cloud converter (passive)

Ling’s agility enabled him to jump from one wall to the other. Instead of mana, Ling needed lightness to use abilities.

On the wall, Ling receives 2 brightness points every second and every successful attack on the enemy gives Ling 5 brightness points.

2. Finch keeping (skill 1)

Ling used his lightness point to jump over the wall. As long as he’s against a wall, Ling can jump to another wall without a cooldown until he’s back on the ground.

3. Defiant Sword (Skill 2)

Ling attacks in one direction and has a higher critical chance of stabbing nearby enemies than normal attacks.

When Ling is used on a wall, this skill damages the Area of ​​Effect (AoE) and can slow the opponent’s movement speed.

4. Storm of Blades (ultimate ability)

Ling jumps up and lowers the sword to the ground, dealing AoE damage for a while.

During this time, Ling can move freely and takes no damage from the enemy for 2.5 seconds.

This Ultimate Skill also gives AoE 4 swords which, when taken, will reset Skill 2’s cooldown and give 5 Lightness Points.

Tips on Using Ling

Viery dance

Study the location of the walls carefully as you will have to jump from one wall to another when using Ling.

It should be noted that Ling cannot use the walls at the end of the playing area, only the walls in the middle.

Always pay attention to the point of lightness you have, because you need this energy to be able to jump to other walls.

Ling relies on Critical Damage and Spam Skill 2, so it is recommended that you focus on increasing Critical Damage and Critical Chance.

In addition to critical parameters, you can also use Lifesteal for survival or attack speed to amplify attacks.

Remember, the ultimate ability makes Ling invulnerable so you can use it to survive when you are in a hurry.

Use a combination of skills to take down opponents quickly as Ling is too fragile for normal 1v1 competitions like most other assassins.

Advantages and disadvantages of Ling

Ling’s ability to parkour is a huge plus indeed, but Ling still has a few shortcomings that Jaka will discuss here.


Has its own living space on the wall that can only be contested by a few heroes.

Can move quickly from one point to another by jumping from one wall to another.

Ultimate skill can be used to run away when pressed or surrounded by enemies.

Skill 2 Ling has a short cooldown and is difficult for opponents to dodge.


You need to memorize the location of the walls if you want to move quickly around the map, which is the most important thing when playing as an assassin.

Jumping from one wall to another requires lightness points, so moving ling takes a lot of energy.

Very fragile and since Ling needs lightness points to escape it can get serious if Ling’s combo doesn’t kill the enemy.

Has minimal crowd control skills so you have to kill your opponent quickly so your opponent doesn’t run away.

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