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7 Ways To Get Free Skins For Mobile Legends

To make the hero look a lot cooler than before in Mobile Legends, there are plenty of skins that can be used. Skin in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang itself can be obtained by purchasing it with Diamonds, the premium in-game currency.

But apparently there are several ways to get and use hero skins for free in Mobile Legends without having to spend any money.

How to Get a Free Mobile Legends Skin

Free Mobile Legends Skins

1. Log in every day

To get the first free skin, you need to log in every day. On the seventh day, you will receive a box of skins that you can use for free.

2. Gambling

Go on with a happy twist. Within two weeks, Moonton will give you a Lucky Spin for players to play. Lucky Spin has a Mobile Legends Skin that can be obtained free of charge.

3. Higher rank

The next way to get free Mobile Legends skins is to get a higher rank. Each season (3 months) Moonton provides free skins for players who achieve Masters or higher.

In addition to skins, there are also tickets and battle points that you receive.

4. Using fragments

In addition to Battle Points (BP), diamonds and tickets, other currencies are available in Mobile Legends. The currencies are Premium Skins Fragments and Rare Skins Fragments.

Although the fragments are quite difficult to get hold of, you can get them for free through various in-game events. When you’ve got enough, you can trade in Fragments for various Mobile Legends skins for free!

5. Use test skins

For those of you who want to try out skins for free, Mobile Legends has several different skin trials that you can get. Skin Trial is available for different heroes, the duration of the Skin Trial starts from 1 day, 3 days to 7 days.

6. Win the global competition

If you manage to win one of the official global offline competitions. You will automatically receive a free skin. One of the skins is Layla: Blue Specter.

7. Live streaming

Finally, a live stream must be made. It never hurts to turn on live streaming while you play. When a sultan comes and suddenly gives you a lot of diamonds.

You can buy skins for free with diamonds.

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