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What is Surrender in Mobile Legends?

OKEGUYS – Surrender in Mobile Legends game means giving up the opposing team or giving in to defeat. Surrender is also an English language which Kika translates into Indonesian as means “devotion”.

Mobile Legends players usually perform the surrender function when their team is slaughtered and it is impossible to win the game, so they prefer to admit their team’s defeat to the opposing team.

All players in the Mobile Legends match can request this feature. But you also have to wait for the voting results of your teammates.

What is devotion?
Photo: Youtube / Sphinx Gaming

All members of your team must agree to the vote in order to successfully admit defeat. If only one member refuses, the transfer will be canceled.

For some gamers, giving up Mobile Legends is an act of shame and humiliation for having recognized the greatness of their opponent.

But for some other players it is normal to admit defeat. This is also used to speed up the game so that you can continue the next game immediately.

What is devotion?
Photo: mifngeh

If you feel that your team is not playing well enough throughout the game, using this feature is your best bet for admitting defeat.

Admitting defeat to your opponent is actually a form of sportsmanship and fair play in the world of esports when you are no longer able to fight the opposing team.

Surrender in Mobile Legends has almost the same context and terms as the mention of GG in the Dota 2 game.

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