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How to Play Hero Angela? Support Mobile Legends

OKEGUYS – How to play Angela Support in Mobile Legends, yes, the game gets harder when there is that one hero.

Angela is a support heroine in Mobile Legends who has subscribed to a ban in rank mode, as this hero is able to kill the hero targeted by the enemy very difficultly.

Well, for those of you who want to learn more about that one hero so that the cores on your team don’t die and win easily, you can follow the tips

How to Play Hero Angela? Support Mobile Legends

Although often banned in rank mode, Angela is a heroine herself who tends to kill very easily.

That way, you need to know how to play Angela’s hero or follow the tips below to use it.

1. Use Build-Pass

How to play heroine Angela
Photo: Mobile Legends

To play Angela’s heroine, the first thing you need is a build item that goes through for her, guys.

In addition to being a heroine who can empower a hero and heal friends, Angela also needs magical damage to help friends.

Therefore, you need to mix magic items so that Angela does enough damage to the enemy.

You can use the recommended build items from several professional players who also use Angela, or you can also use the above items from OKEGUYS.

2. Don’t be alone!

how to play angela mobile legends
Photo: Mobile Legends

When using Angela try not to be alone on the train, you have to be side by side with one of your team members as Angela herself is very easy to take down by the opponent.

So if you are using Angela for pushing or laning then being alone friends is not recommended.

Better for you to help Hyper or Core to the jungle, or to team up against your opponent.

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3. Use Angela’s Combo Skill

That's how you play Angela
Photo: Mobile Legends

If you don’t need to activate Ulti, you’ll have to use Angela’s combo ability to kill your opponent.

Usually Angela freezes and intersperses her enemy with combo skills like 1-2-1-1 basic attacks.

Using a Magic Attack item can indirectly kill the enemy with Angela.

4. Use Ultimate Skills at GG or Core Friends

How to play Angela
Photo: Mobile Legends

If you want to use Ulti you have to be picky and make sure the state of the hero you want to enter, guys.

Because if you don’t anticipate the situation and choose a good friend, you will end up dying and your team can lose instantly.

After entering one of the heroes on your team, help the hero with basic attacks and Angela’s abilities.

This way, the enemies of you and your friends will be killed even more easily.

Well, this is how you play Angela Support Mobile Legends hero, good luck and hopefully it will be useful.

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