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Ways and Tips on How to Play Mobile Legend for Beginners to Turn Pro faster

How and Tips for Playing Mobile Legend for Beginners – The online game Mobile Legends is one of the most viral online games right now and many people play this game to fill their free time. Besides having a pretty fast game mode, this game can also practice strategy, focus and other things.

In order to play this game, you need several ways to play this mobile legend game. To play mobile legend:

Ways and Tips on How to Play Mobile Legend for Beginners How and Tips on How to Play Mobile Legend for Beginners to get you a pro faster
  • The first step, first download this Moba game from the Playstore, you can do a Google Playstore search with the keyword “Mobile Legend”. And when you find it, install the game on your Android phone.
  • Then create a Mobile Legend game account. Then play the game.

From the professional to the novice (beginner), many like this game. This game is very popular these days. Well, for those of you who are still beginners, here are some tips so that you who are novice (nubie) can play this moba game smoothly until you become a master. Here are beginner tips for playing the Mobile Legend game to get a pro

1. Adequate internet connection

One of the challenges in this game is that the internet connection has to be good. It is not because of what some people often underestimate that the problem of the internet is not a good one. In fact if you are playing this moba game and the internet is not good then the game you are playing will be delayed. So please check the internet network before playing this moba game. Make sure the internet network is good as this is done to avoid delays. A delay in the game can turn you into an AFK and eventually you will harass your teammates who are struggling. Exiting the Moba game while the game is running is a pretty bad thing.

2. Master a hero
Next tip: beginners should master a hero first when playing Mobile Legend Online Games. As new MOBA players, of course, they don’t know which heroes are suitable to try out. If you are still a beginner in mobile legend, don’t try to master a lot of heroes right away because 1 or 2 heroes that you have mastered will get used to this game later.

Character rotation needs to be done in the early days of the game too, at least to find out the class types. You can try all of the heroes, but choose a character that suits the way you play. You will be more master in hero if you lose the game, from there you will know your mistakes in playing this moba game.

Once you’ve mastered a hero, you can try other heroes. Here are some heroes that are easy to learn for beginners, including:

  • Layla
  • Miya
  • Zilong
  • Alucard
  • tiger
  • Eudora
  • Rafaela

3. Set build elements

Once you have mastered a hero, you can set all the build items used in the game. To find these settings in the game, you can go directly to the Preparation -> Equipment menu.

If you don’t know which build item to watch, you can watch a video about it on YouTube right away.

4. Show minimap

Image source:

The next tip for moba beginners is to look at the minimap. Some users or many players simply play without seeing the minimap. Of course, this is enough to irritate your playmates.

How did it happen? Because once you’ve seen the minimap, there are several things you can know, including:

  • Valued enemy is
  • Attack god
  • Attack the turtle
  • You can help your friends
  • Decide when to attack and defend
  • And much more.

5. Do not play Mobile Legend Games alone

The next tips are still referring to the previous point, to play mobile legend, don’t play alone. If you are playing alone at the beginning of Mobile Legend (Early Game) this is not a problem.

However, if by the end of the game (late game) you have reached the stage where you enter the mid-game (mid game), cooperation is very necessary.

Better if you play this game until late game day, don’t play alone. Because your enemies / opponents will get stronger and if you just play alone you will be beaten all the way.

6. Emblem upgrade

Next, the mobile legend emblem will be updated. Once you have determined which hero is suitable, do not forget to choose an emblem. The usefulness of this emblem is that it can elevate the hero you are using. The higher the level of the emblem used, the greater the power of the mobile legend hero.

The other most important thing is not to choose the wrong emblem. For example, if you are using Tigreal it will be useful to use the tank emblem. Not even with magic or physical emblems.

7. Frequent viewing of Mobile Legend Records

Currently, many professional mobile legend game players upload recordings when competing and upload them to social networks. You can try to watch the video on Facebook or Youtube. By watching the video, you can watch and learn how they play the Moba game.

There is also currently a live streaming feature that allows you to watch the game right from Mobile Legend.

8. Understand the role of each character

Mobile Legend is an online game that requires a team and also a strategy, you don’t fight your enemies alone, but together with your team you attack your enemies. Below is a guide to mobile legends for each role

  • Wear : is the role of the damage dealer in a Moba match. This role really needs support to turn it into a killer monster. Carry is usually a sniper or mage focused on damage.
  • tank : is the initiator of the team who is also at the forefront of a game. This tank roller takes the most damage in a team fight to aid Carry. When choosing a tank or playing as it, you have to make the right decision.
  • support, this is an unpopular role and tends to be undervalued. Your role here is to make sure that carry as a team lasts a long time in a team fight. This role is very important in an intense team fight. I therefore suggest not to be taken lightly.
  • jungle, unlike other character roles that play in the lane. Jungler plays in the jungle and needs to be fully aware of the map. Junglers can also act as initiators in ganks or counter ganks.

That is the way and some tips for beginners with mobile legends to help them play this legends mobile game better. Hope it’s useful …


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