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Hero Karrie (Lost Star) Best furnishing equipment Mobile Legends

Karrie Mobile Legends Best Build Speed ​​Attack Damage and Steps to Build Hero Karrie Gear Item Guide MOBA Mobile Legends Game, here it is explained how and the stages of Build Item Hero Karrie Mobile Legends. Which equipment set is suitable for Hero Career, Hero Builds refers to the equipment used by the Hero, so that the desired buff can be optimally used in the fight against enemies. See below for more details on suitable builds for Gear Hero Karrie.

Details about heroine Karrie:

Alaghat is a mysterious engineering empire. There lived a strange humanoid race – Yasson. They are in human form and have a pair of deformed legs. You are agile and born to fight. By now they were also good at techniques that enabled them to create great civilizations and attack others. Since Karrie was a child she had been extremely talented and trained to be an extraordinary and arrogant leader-fighter, but at the same time she lost consciousness and became a machine. In one of the skirmishes he felt overconfident and was badly injured.

But a prophet of another race saves him and injects his consciousness into Karrie’s brain. From then on there was a voice in his head, the Prophet said that the destruction of his kingdom was imminent and that there would be no more Yasson races. After running from her death, Karrie couldn’t believe it. But she began to suspect him after she returned to his kingdom. To save her kingdom, Karrie chose to believe and came to Land of the Dawn. What fate awaits him?

Marskman hero Karrie Moba Legends
Construction phases Set up equipment suitable for Hero Karrie Mobile Legends, items for Hero Karrie in Match Battle or in Ranked mode.

The attributes of hero Karrie

Physical attack112
Magical power0
Magical protector10
Attack speed8.39
HP recovery40
Mana restorationfifteen
Average critical point of attack0
Average critical ability0

Hero Karrie (Lost Star) Attack Speed ​​Build Damage Set Up Equipment …

First :

1. Fast boots
2. WindTalker
3rd Berserker’s rage
4th Haas’ claws
5. Scarlet Phantom
6th Blade of Despair

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