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Want to increase the S20 rank quickly, use these 5 sniper heroes in Mobile Legends

Do you want to level up quickly in this S20? It’s easy, just use 5 Archers Heroes in Mobile Legends that are currently Meta.

The archery hero is the key to team victory sometimes when you play Mobile Legends where this hero can carry alone, just adjust the position and aim at the opponent’s hero core first.

Now on that, SPIN Esports is going to have 5 recommendations for the best marksman heroes in Mobile Legends for those of you who want to level up quickly at the start of S20.

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The first hero is Claude, that one hero is still very effective this meta-season.

Whether Sidelane or Jungler, Claude is very OP, it is quite difficult to face this one hero in the hands of the right players.

Yi Sun Shin

YSS became the most successful jungler hero in the M2 group stage

Then there is Yi Sun Shin, although there were nerfs in the latest patch yesterday, but Yss is still pretty effective to play.

The passive still hurts even though it’s nerfed and the agility is also very high, so it’s still good to use this hero.



Then there is Granger, if you want to play a low mechanic marksman hero, Granger is the choice.

But don’t get me wrong behind the low mechanics, Granger is still OP and you deserve it to play for the push rank.

Wan wan

Wanwan Pixel Blast New Skin
Source: FB @mlbbdaily

Like last season, Wanwan is also a preferred choice. This hero is still very tasty, especially now that his basic attack is critical.


mlbb rank

The last one is Brody, although impossible because he is often banned in rank, but Brody is still a preferred choice.

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The damage is still very high even after nerfing, the mobility is also high and the mechanics are also very low. If Brody leaves, just pick it up right away.

That’s 5 heroes who can help you level up quickly in S20 MLBB! Would you like to add something?

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