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10 Most Agile Mobile Legends (ML) Heroes, Hard To Kill!

10 Most Agile Mobile Legends (ML) Heroes, Hard To Kill!

There are many roles in Mobile Legends (ML) such as Tank, Support, Mage, Assassin, Fighter, and Marksman.

These six roles have their own uniqueness. But apart from the role, there are several types in Mobile Legends called Specialties, usually Specialties are divided based on the abilities of the heroes present.

There are also strong heroes in Blink like the following heroes and can be considered the most agile heroes in Mobile Legends (ML). You will find these heroes difficult to kill in the hands of the right users. Who are you?

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These are the 10 most agile heroes in the Land of Dawn, according to SPIN Esports.


Benedetta Collector Skin MLBB
Source: ig @informantmlbb

The first hero is Benedetta. Yes, this assassin hero who can be said to be fairly new is very agile and difficult to catch.

His passive ability alone makes this hero difficult to catch, not to mention Skill 2 and Ultimate, which also makes him very agile.


Ling Mobile Legends

As a result, this hero who can climb walls is also very agile. Yes, Ling’s ability is also very competent, which makes him even more agile, especially Ultimate, which you can use to attack or defend.


Hero Solo Rank Season 21 ML Chou

This one hero undoubtedly has agile skills. That one hero is difficult to take out in the hands of players who are Pro Chou; combo Skill 1, Skill 2, and Ultimate can be very deadly and make them difficult to touch.

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New skin July Sun Mobile Legends
Source: ig @gragerml

With the addition of Revamp, it becomes even harder to disable. Additional blinking makes Sun more flexible. The doppelganger is now more like the original.


Hayabusa Mobile Legends

That one hero is undoubtedly a shadow that makes Hayabusa very agile and difficult to kill. Not to mention his ultimate ability that can make him immune to damage.


Harley ML
Photo via DailySpin

Harley can only make him very agile and difficult to kill with his 2 skills. Not to mention the short cooldown that allows it to keep doing this.

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Hero early game mlbb

It’s incomplete if you don’t include that one hero. Yes, if you control this hero properly, Fanny is very difficult to stop. The cable never seems to break and is ready to hit its opponents. However, the buff’s limitations usually make Fanny less agile.


Award of Lancelot's new MLBB skin

That one hero is also on the list. Although not as agile as other heroes, Lancelot is a frightening ghost in the hands of the user, apart from its posability, Lancelot can also be very deadly.


Redesign of Kagura Mobile Legends

Kagura’s free cleaning makes it hard to stop this hero. No wonder if this hero was very scary back then. Even if it’s not used much right now, Kagura’s umbrella combo can be hard to stop.


Hero counter hanzo

Finding Hanzo’s real body is definitely hard when the hero player is very skilled at placing it. In fashion ghost Hanzo is also very difficult to stop because of its agility.

These are the 10 most agile Mobile Legends (ML) heroes that are very hard to kill if the user plays this hero very well. Are there any other heroes that can be included in the list? Write a comment column yes.

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