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Tips on getting a hero or skin in Lucky Spin Mobile Legends

Tips on getting a hero or skin in Lucky Spin Mobile Legends

These are powerful tips and tricks for getting heroes or skins in Lucky Spin Mobile Legends. By applying the tips we share, it may be easier for you to get heroes or skins available in Lucky Spin.

Before doing this, you need to know that there are ticket items in Mobile Legends themselves that can be used in the shop. You can use it to buy items, heroes, or as a condition for turning. Easily get tickets through daily mission rewards, login rewards, and season reset prizes.

Curious what the Lucky Spin Mobile Legends tips and tricks are for getting a hero or skin the easy way? Let’s take a look at the full explanation below! Listen and apply it well!

Collect 4000+ tickets

The first step you need to do is collect tickets in advance. It is recommended that you collect up to 4000 tickets to ensure you receive the heroes or skins available in Lucky Spin. Enough to diligently play Mobile Legends, complete all daily missions and get the tickets.

Spin after playing

It is believed that spinning after playing can increase your percentage, both in getting heroes and getting skins in the Lucky Spin Mobile Legends feature. You can play in ranked or classic mode. Even better if you get a winning streak while playing. It is also believed that when you spin it increases your hockey.

After you are done playing, just go to the shop. Choose a hero or skin available in Lucky Spin. Wait for the animation in progress to stop. Then just go to the Lucky Spin feature to take a spin. Use Draw 5x directly and check out the animation skip feature. If you have not received more than 2000 tickets, you can continue the next day.

Spin when hours are lonely mobile legends

The importance of spin during the quiet hours of Mobile Legends is that you can play Mobile Legends during the night hours such as midnight or early morning. In times like this, not many gamers are playing Mobile Legends. This is a sign that the Lucky Spin feature is rarely used by players.

This is the best time to take advantage of it. The fewer players spin, the higher your percentage to get the hero or skin you want. That way, it will be easier for you to get the prices you want in this feature.

Follow the Youtuber tutorial from Mobile Legends

Youtuber Mobile Legends often creates updated Lucky Spin content. They usually also explain the tips and tricks they use to expose the heroes or skins in this feature. You can follow it by following the same steps. To increase the success rate, you can combine it with the tips above.

That is the explanation of the tips for getting Heroes or Skins in Lucky Spin Mobile Legends that Ayoden discussed. Please try the powerful tricks we discussed above and get the prizes you are looking for on Lucky Spin Mobile Legends!