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This is the ranking in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is an online multiplayer mobile game, this game is one of the most popular and sought after games today. Mobile Legends is also a game with quite a large number of players, so it is not surprising that many gaming Youtubers and professional ML players are currently creating content around the famous mobile game, such as tips and tricks, tutorials, methods or strategies for push rank .

There are many ways and strategies you can try to achieve Push Rank, but the question is, do you know the ranking order in Mobile Legends? Maybe for old players you already understand, but it’s a different story if you’re still a relatively new player and don’t understand anything. In this article, we’re going to help you explain rank order in Mobile Legends. This is also the foundation for improving your understanding of the ranking in Mobile Legends aka ML.

Rank in Mobile Legends

Ranking order in Mobile Legends from bottom to top

  1. The lowest or lowest rank in Mobile Legends is Rank Warrior. Rank Warrior is the first rank you get when you play the Mobile Legends game for the first time. The warrior rank is a rank that has a chicken head symbol, another characteristic is that this rank has a bronze colored pattern. Rank Warrior is the lowest rank for beginners, so on average it is quite easy to play and improve in Rank Warrior mode, i.e. no difficulties will be found.
  2. After successfully increasing the Warrior Rank, you will automatically become the Elite Rank. Elite rank is a rank that has a sheep’s head symbol with a silver color. The elite rank is not that different from the warrior rank, as in this rank it is still quite easy to increase this rank to the next level.
  3. Rank Master is the next level that you get after passing the levels in Rank Elite. The rank master has a golden bear head symbol. In this phase, players will feel the real sincerity of climbing or passing this rank phase.
  4. Grand Master (GM) is the rank you get after passing the Master Rank levels. The rank GM has a symbol in the form of a wolf’s head with an overall silver color. At this stage, players will face various difficulties whether they encounter Toxic players and others.
  5. Epic Rank is the next level of Grandmaster. The epic rank has a rhinoceros head symbol with a predominant greenish cyan color. In this phase it will be more difficult than with GM, players can use the draft mode and ban 6 heroes at the same time.
  6. Legend is the next tier in the epic tier. Legend is a rank, which is indicated by a gold lion head. Rank legend is a rank that includes reliable players, and usually players party with META, which is quite dangerous.
  7. After that, the legend rises to the Mythic Rank. Mythic has the characteristics and symbols of a dragon head with a predominant golden color with purple sparkles in different corners. In this phase the players have a scoring method so that the players do not easily fall back into the previous rank. Mythic is considered a rank owned by players who can be called professionals, no wonder almost all players should take pride in achieving this rank as it is seen as very, very difficult.
  8. Glorious Mythic was the highest rank at the time. The Glorious Mythic rank has a dragon head symbol with larger horns and a gold color with a more lustrous purple sparkle. Reaching this rank is almost impossible as the difficulty level requires intelligence and gaming genius. No wonder those who have this rank are famous players who often play classic games.

This is our explanation of the ranking order in Mobile Legends, starting from the lowest, also known as the lowest, going up or generally referred to as the highest. That is the Gamefinity article, titled “This is the Ranking In Mobile Legends You Must Know and Hear” Don’t forget to spread it to the media and please visit us at to receive news about our other articles.

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