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3 best Hero Core Mobile Legends

Hero Core is the core hero in a match. In the Mobile Legends game, the presence of the hero core is very important for the victory of a team. Why is that? Because the hero core is usually a hero who is considered strong, tenacious and overwhelmed and is the hero who determines the course of the game both early and late.

For those interested in using Hero Cores in Mobile Legends, we have 3 candidates for the best Hero Cores for you. Just read this article until it runs out and then you will learn why the three heroes we described are the best hero cores in 2021.

1. Chou, the flexible hero

Chou is a Hero Core ML 2021 with good flexibility, why? Because Chou has always been a hero who has a lot of use, whether as a Hero Offlaner, Hero Tank, Hero Fighter, even Hero Carry or Hero Core in his team. You can customize Chou according to your needs, you could say this hero is your complete package in dealing with enemies.

Chou is a hero who can do a lot, that’s true because he is also credited with good crowd control skills, he is also balanced with good agility. That’s why we consider Chou to be the best core hero or carry this year as well.

2. Miya, the effective heroine

Miya is Hero Marksman who is the best ML 2021 core hero in our opinion. Miya is basically a Hero Core or Carry that plays an important role as the game progresses. Miya is considered an effective hero for fighting enemy types, both hero range and hero range.

In 2021, Miya is being brought back for an amazingly good buff and it can be said that it is becoming more and more effective as Miya is given a buff in the form of a stacking bar that activates the Moonlight Shadow skill when the bar is full. Don’t you think Miya deserves to be an effective core hero in every way?

3. Benedetta, the multifunctional heroine

Benedetta is the Hero Core ML 2021, which in our opinion should be called the best, especially in 2021. Benedetta is the best hero core because you need to know that this hero is multifunctional or can be called a versatile hero a hero core, offlaner, can even be used as hero support.

This hero is a hero that we value and that other people, on average, value. So basically for those of you who want to use a multifunctional Hero tote bag, Hero Benedetta is the answer for you.

So these are the 3 best core heroes in 2021 in Mobile Legends game. So do you agree or disagree? If not, then we also agree because there are a lot more heroes that we consider to be the best core heroes in ML. This is the article “The 3 Best Hero Cores in Mobile Legends and the reasons you need to know” from the Gamefinity team. Hopefully it’s useful and you can share the benefits. Don’t forget to check out our other informative news articles at

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