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The excitement of Mobile Legends 515 eParty continues, lots of surprises!

GAMEFINITY.ID, Jakarta – For fans of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), May is the month you’ve been waiting for, especially because of the biggest annual event, 515 eParty, which always has lots of interesting gifts and surprises in store for its loyal users. This year’s 515 eParty event starts on April 10th and culminates on May 22nd, 2021 with the MLBB All Star Tournament.

Still in line with 515 eParty events, MLBB will have many special surprises in store for all of its loyal users on May 15th that are not to be missed.

Selena’s STUN skin launched

Selena is the last heroine to receive a STUN skin at the 515 eParty moment this year, after previously receiving a STUN skin from other STUN virtual band members, Chou and Brody. Do not miss it!

Sign up and don’t forget to claim your 515 achievement

Another surprise is that on May 15th, MLBB is giving away a free random Elite Skin especially for all MLBB users.

  • All heroes are free to use

No less exciting, all Heroes are available to use by MLBB users for free on the same day. Mabar can be more exciting because you can use heroes that you’ve always wanted to try.

MLBB short film to celebrate the 515 eParty

Also this year MLBB is working together with a director known in Indonesia, namely Timo Tjahjanto to work on a short film in collaboration with MLBB. At the MLBB winter gala, Timo was previously involved in directing the MLBB short film and received many positive reactions from MLBB fans.

This short film tells a story of Chou, Selena and Brody in the tech city of Euroditio from the land of dawn. As a STUN band, the three heroes do their own thing when an alien portal opens and alien creatures begin to attack the city dwellers. This video tells how they fight together to fight the enemy.

Films with Jonathan Liandi as Chou, Rizki Firdaus (Uus) as Brody dan Rachel Florence As Selena, this represents MLBB users working with other heroes to defeat the enemy and win the game.

“This time we are also presenting a short film on the excitement of the 515 eParty event. We’re working with Timo Tjahjanto again to make a film that is unique and different than before, starring Jonathan Liandi, Rizki Firdaus (Uus) and Rachel Florencia, ”said Aswin Atoni, Brand Director – Moonton Indonesia. “We hope that this film can also be our best offer for all of our loyal users to get the MLBB game excited, according to the motto of this year’s 515 eParty, Together We Achieve More.”

This short film can be seen on May 13, 2021 at 3:00 p.m. WIB on the MLBB Indonesia YouTube channel.

STUN CGI music video released

After the 515 eParty theme song “Together” was released last week on May 2, 2021, this time it was the turn of the music video of the virtual music group STUN. The video with Chou, Selena and Brody in the leading roles presents the song “Together” against the backdrop of the technology city Euroditio. This music video can be viewed on the MLBB Youtube Channel

And to further increase the hype surrounding the song and the music video for “Together”, there is an interesting campaign that all MLBB users can take part in, namely the Dance Challenge.

This dance challenge itself takes place on TikTok, like:

  1. Check the song and dance moves on TikTok and use #InfinixMLBBantiLagLag
  2. Create your version and post it on your TikTok and make sure your account is not private!
  3. Tag 3 of your friends on TikTok to challenge them to participate

4. Use the hashtag #InfinixMLBBAntiLagLag #BersamaRaih Kemerdekaan #TogetherWeAchieveMore and tag @mobilelegends_id

The 10 winners with the most interesting content will be selected by the MLBB team and announced on May 21, 2021 via MLBB social media (on IG and TikTok). Don’t forget to follow the fun!

Complete missions and get MLBB skin rewards from JOOX

There are many other excitements on JOOX. One of them is the mission page, where JOOX and MLBB users have the opportunity to get various items. in the game MLBB. Users only need to go to the Tasks & Rewards page to reward in the form of objects in the game MLBB. The Mission Page itself will be available from May 17, 2021. What is even more exciting is that MLBB and JOOX users can enter the code “MLBBJOOX” in the JOOX application between May 1st and 31st, 2021 to receive free JOOX-VIP for 3 days. So, Stay tuned and don’t miss it!

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