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Mobile Legends Gusion, Origins and Strengths and Weaknesses

Hero Assassin in Mobile Legends is known to be quite deadly and dangerous, from skills to the ability to become a carry on his team. Assassins in Mobile Legends also have different types and types of attacks like melee and range types and other things. We are going to discuss one of the Hero Assassins who is very popular and is still pretty great in his existence in Mobile Legends.

This time around, we’re going to be naming a handsome hero-assassin named Gusion because Gusion is a hero that is still in demand by many Mobile Legends players. We are going to focus on the origins as well as the pros and cons of Gusion in the Mobile Legends game, so please read this article carefully.

The origin of Hero Gusion

Mobile Legends Gusion

Mobile Legends Gusion is the fourth child of the Pixley family, the Pixley family itself is a noble family that has an average skill in the form of magic and almost all of their descendants are strong magicians. Although noble families rely on magic as their strength, Gusion prefers to use knives or swords. Sometimes he can be seen practicing with swords and knives instead of reading books on magic.

As he ages, Gusion becomes more skilled with knives and swords, even Gusion can combine his magical techniques in the form of light with knives and swords. When Gusion took the maturity test, he was able to astonish the elders and admire his ability to combine magical techniques with knives and swords. Although Gusion may amaze the elders, Gusion is still not accepted for relying on weapons in the form of knives and swords instead of magic.

Gusion decided to leave the Pixley family because he made that decision rather than throwing away his sword and knife skills. Gusion, disappointed and sad for his family, intends to make himself the Pixley family to become stronger and more famous for his skills. Gusion continues to stay away from his family so that his name can later be made famous and recognized by all.

Advantages and disadvantages of Gusion

Mobile Legends Gusion is a hero with his role as an assassin / mage, so there are several advantages of Gusion that we have seen that can be described as an advantage in Mobile Legends. The advantage of Mobile Legends Gusion is that, in addition to having a short cooldown, it also has rather dangerous combos and techniques where any ability can be combined. It could be said that all of this is Gusion’s ultimate. Gusion is a hero who can be a carry on his team as he has high damage and magical damage with a wide and wide range of attacks.

The weakness of Mobile Legends Gusion lies in its resilience, since he is a Hero Assassin, it is certain that Gusion’s HP is quite thin, hence quite a few Mobile Legends players rely on buffs for this hero. In addition to the lack of crowd control such as stunning effects and other things, Gusion also has difficulties in the form of difficulties in mastering the hero, because Gusion is a hero-assassin who requires precise timing with appropriate hand and finger speed. To master Hero Gusion, you must continue to practice properly and gradually.

That is the content of this article, in which we explained the origin of Gusion with its advantages and disadvantages in the Mobile Legends game. Hopefully with the presence of this article it will be useful. You can recommend our article to others, especially those who want to know and learn about Hero Gusion in Mobile Legends for information on other news articles.

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