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Script Rank Booster + Afk Enemy + Auto Myhic Latest Patch Mobile Legends

How to work from Rank Booster Script It is very easy to do, you just need to download the ml rank booster script below, then extract it and transfer the extracted file to your mobile legend data for it to work.

Script Rank Booster Auto Mythic Mobile Legends

Sometimes for the latest hero update patches, sometimes it doesn’t work, so here I want to share with you a rank booster script with the latest patch. Just follow the tutorial below properly and correctly for the rank booster script to work well.

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How to Install Auto Mythic Rank Booster Script + Afk Mobile Legends Enemy

1. First download the script Mimin provided below

2. Extract the previously downloaded file

3. Then Copy + pastean extracted file earlier too

Android>> Files> Dragon> Assets> Document> Android, then just paste the file

note: For those of you who don’t have the kite file, you can create / create a folder using a new folder.

This is what Mimin can say about the latest Auto Mythic Mobile Legends Rank Booster script. Hopefully it will be useful and if the script doesn’t work please comment in the comments column below.


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