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Free script of the latest Leo Badang zodiac skin in Mobile Legends

Download the latest free script for Leo Badang Skin Zodiac for Mobile Legends – Okay folks, now the most anticipated skin is finally being released, Mobile Legends’ Zodiac Leo body skin. For those of you who want to try this free zodiac skin without spending capital to buy it, a script can give you a try before you buy it in store.

So this is where Mimin is going to post a free script for the Zodiac Leo body skin that has just been released on Mobile Legends. This is still very new to the Body Zodiac script and is guaranteed to work 100%. But for this time, we’re using Gameguardian + Parallel Storage for non-root users. So it’s not difficult to root first.

Free script of the latest Leo Badang zodiac skin in Mobile Legends

Since the Hero Badang was buffed by Moonton, the skin was removed immediately so that it could sell well hahaha. What Moonton polishes up on this body hero is in his second ability, which when hit by an enemy will cause a stun effect on the enemy. So, for those of you who were previously pro without anesthesia, you have to purchase this body zodiac skin.

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How to install the latest patch script for Zodiac Leo Badang Mobile Legends

1. First download the materials you need, such as: Badang hero skin script, Game guard and also Parallel space

2. Then you can open Gameguardian + Mobile Legend via the parallel room (just start Gameguardian)

3. Then my friend waits for the Mobile Legends game to load, then the GameGuardian logo appears automatically

4. After the loading process is complete (lobby) Buddy click the icon GameGuardian (GG) and choose Mobile Legends Bang Bang (UnityKillsMe)

Free Zodiac Leo Body Skin Mobile Legends

5. Buddy enter the script by clicking the blue menu icon and the three-dot icon. Then enter the script and click Start hack / run

Mobile Legends free skin script with Gameguardian
Free Skin Script Hero Body Skin
Leo zodiac body hero skin script

6.Wait for the process to complete / 100%

Wait for the Badang Hero Skin Script process

7. Good luck 🙂

That’s the article about Zodiac sign Leo body free skin script ml. If there are still people who don’t understand the script / the script doesn’t work, feel free to comment in the comments column below. Thanks, greetings, analog moba.


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