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Play the lipstick challenge at Hago and get great prizes

For those of you gamers on your gadget, you should try playing the Hago game as the Hago application is providing prizes totaling billions of rupees for the time being for players who have won the challenges provided by this application.

How to play the lipstick challenge on the Hago app for a total prize of IDR 20 billion

Lipstick Challenge Game Icon in Hago Get Big Prizes

1. Please download the Hago application from the link below to receive 5 bonus tickets for the lipstick challenge

2. Then enter the Hago application and login with Facebook or Google
3. Then you enter a game called Challenge Lipstick (Lipstick Challenge)
4. If you are logged in, it looks like this

Play the lipstick challenge at Hago and get great prizes

For those of you who register with Hago using the link I shared earlier, you will receive a bonus of 5 tickets to play and exchange for existing prizes, if not you will not receive a bonus ticket

5.1. Menus “Change“to select the price you want, but each price requires a different number of tickets

Play the Lipstick Challenge at Hago Get Big Prizes 2

5.2. Menus “Absent“to receive a bonus gift when you log in every day

the game

  • When you log in, you can be away every day to receive prizes
  • The logins you have collected will be lost if you do not log in the next day and start over
  • Receive various prizes like credits, coupons, tickets and more

5.3. Menus “gift“to view and confirm the list of earned rewards
the game

  • Each player only receives 1 ticket at the start of the game
  • Each account can only send profit information once
  • The prizes are sent every day, when they have been sent, a “sent
  • If you cheat, the prize will not be sent
  • The event ends on May 20, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. and the prize page can appear until May 22, 2021 at 11:00 a.m.
  • Team Hago has the right to determine all decisions in this event

5.4. Menus “exercise“Practice before you play this game
5.5. Menus “Want more“to receive rewards by distributing invitations to new users to play games in the Hago app

Play the lipstick challenge at Hago and get big prizes 4

the game

  • Share this event on WA and FB to get 1 free ticket every time you share it
  • Bonus 3 tickets when a new user joins Hago
  • New Terms of Use: People who download for the first time and register an account using the link you shared
  • Invite your friends to become new players and you can get random prizes (e.g .: tickets, HP points, Shopintar vouchers, lipsticks, Honor 10 Lite and others).

5.6. Stud “To play“to play and win the lipstick challenge

Play the Lipstick Challenge at Hago and get big prizes 5

the game

  • The game is the same as the game Throwing knife“in Hago
  • You will need to throw away all of the lipsticks until they run out and no other lipsticks can hit
  • If you make it to level 3, you will be eligible for the price you have chosen

That is the info about how to play lipstick challenges in Hago Get Big Prizes, Hopefully we can get the prizes provided by this Hago game application, good luck.

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