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Mobile Legends Odette, strengths and weaknesses

Odette is one of the Mobile Legends heroes who fall into the “Mage” category or also known as the “Witch”. Every skill he has is quite unique and very disruptive to his opponent’s hero, starting with skills that make his enemy unable to move to dealing damage per second.

For more details on Hero Odette, we invite you to listen to this article until the end. Since the topic of this article revolves around Odette in Mobile Legends, we will easily explain to you her origins and also the advantages and disadvantages of Mobile Legends.

The origin of the hero Odette

Mobile Legends Odette

In the south of Moniyan, far from the Land of Dawn, there are such beautiful mountains and a lake called Swan Lake. There is also a castle called Schwanenburg, which was founded by the Regina family, near the Swan Lake. According to the legend of the Regina family, a 13th descendant of the Regina family is described with a charming smile that even stunned everyone to see him. The offspring are of course Mobile Legends Odette aka Odette’s daughter.

Please note that Odette is the 13th princess in Swan Castle. During her life she led a lonely life, although Odette was a very charming princess and was greatly admired by her own people. With her loneliness growing, Princess Odette Pun finally learns royal magic, which is considered very difficult to master. However, due to Odette’s unique princess skills, she also managed to master all of the kingdom’s magical abilities.

Not long after that, Princess Odette finally met an injured man, and the injured person was a hero in Mobile Legends and was named Lancelot. During Lancelot’s recovery, Princess Odette and Lancelot live their lives until the seeds of love appear between them. In the end, Odette’s daughter no longer felt lonely because Lancelot always wanted to be with her.

Odette’s strengths and weaknesses

As we have already informed, Hero Mobile Legends Odette is a hero with his role as a magician. So Odette must be protected by her teammates in order to inflict maximum damage on the opponent. In order not to confuse you, we are going to provide you with a few highlights on the advantages and disadvantages of Hero Mobile Legends Odette

The advantages of Odette in Mobile Legends are:: Hero with incredibly strong crowd control. In the beginning the damage he had was pretty high. Has a fairly wide and affordable range of magical skill areas. Can be combined with many heroes, both skills and other things.

The disadvantages of Odette in Mobile Legends are: When Odette is cornered, it will be difficult for her to escape or evade as she lacks escape skills. A hero who really needs support from his friends. Not suitable when playing in a late game state. Odette’s ability is easily negated by the opponent.

These are some of the pros and cons of Hero Odette in Mobile Legends. We encourage you, especially those who are not very good with Odette, to focus on learning how to use Odette, both learning to master it and learning to understand its build and the items to use it.

We have finished our explanation of Hero Odette Mobile Legends. Hope you can understand and accept them, especially for beginners using Hero Odette. That is the Gamefinity article titled “Know more about the Hero Mobile Legends Odette, their origins and their strengths and weaknesses”.

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