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Mobile Legends X-Borg, strengths and weaknesses

There is almost no recruitment of new hero characters always featured in the Mobile Legends game, both in all types, roles and others. There are several different ways to get the Heroes in Mobile Legends that you can get, as well as the hero who will appear and be present in Mobile Legends.

Speaking of Hero ML, X-Borg is the main topic of this article in which we explain the character of the Hero Mobile Legends. We introduce you to ML players through the character of Hero X-Borg, where you can understand and understand both its origins and its advantages and disadvantages.

The origin of Hero X-Borg

Mobile Legends X-Borg

X Borg Mobile Legends was told in the past as a young farmer who was hit by an accident in the form of an explosion due to the experiments of the Eruditio scientists. X Borg managed to survive after placing some technological tools in his body that had been destroyed or damaged. When X Borg realized and saw that something was strange about his body, he got angry and sad, even though he had been treated and explained by the scientists who helped him, he still did not accept what had happened to him.

X Borg’s personality changed after what happened to him, he then rioted in the hospital where he was being treated. The trigger for X Borg’s rampage was not only what happened to him through the erudition scientist, he was furious and angry with the scientists there because the village in which he lived was also destroyed by the explosion of the erudition scientists there became.

X Borg seeks to destroy everything technological because he already hates it, especially Eruditio’s technology. After taking revenge on the perpetrators of the explosion, he is now known as a human half-robot character who continues to perform evil actions such as terrorizing cities and entering the Land of Dawn arena in Mobile Legends.

Advantages and disadvantages of X-Borg

What are the pros and cons of X-Borg in Mobile Legends?

The advantage of X Borg Mobile Legends is its very high durability, it can be called Hero Fighter Mobile Legends, which is difficult to kill due to its agility and tenacity. In his passive skill called Fire Armor, this skill is capable of causing X Borg to release stun effects and other related things. Another advantage of X Borg is its great damage and build that can be combined with mage items.

The disadvantage of X Borg Mobile Legends is that it is difficult to master the hero, as X Borg is considered a hero who is difficult to pin down on a goal and he also has to always find the right timing when his passive ability is active is. proper timing must also be applied to his ultimate, because activating the ultimate will have a bad impact on X Borg himself. Another weakness besides Armorless mode is the weakness of its mobility compared to other heroes in Mobile Legends is quite low, such as B. not having an escape mode until the cooldown is long enough.

That is the article titled “Let’s Review the Hero Mobile Legends X-Borg, Its Origin, and Its Strengths and Weaknesses” by the Gamefinity writing team. Hopefully it will be useful and can be a means of finding information about X-Borg in Mobile Legends, both about its origins and its advantages and disadvantages. Don’t forget to share through the media and always visit us at to receive news about our other articles.

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