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Mobile Legends (ML) reworked against Nexus survival mode!

Mobile Legends (ML) reworked against Nexus survival mode!

Moonton finally announced the return of Survival: Nexus mode in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in its latest social media post.

Survival Mode: The redesigned Nexus in Mobile Legends itself will arrive tomorrow (2/7) and feature a much larger map and improved weapons.

Hopefully Moonton will provide players with challenges such as removing the Disposable Vehicle skill and adding random vehicles scattered around the map.

Of course, this offers more exploration and loot to upgrade your weapons and ammo for survival.

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Battle Royale is getting more exciting

Survival mode 3
Photo via Moonton

Survival Mode: The new Nexus will feature a much larger map than the previous edition’s map.

Of course, this new map also gives players more areas to loot and explore weapons and ammunition for survival.

Much like Battle Royale games in general, you can later hop off anywhere on the wide map while exploring areas on the map at the same time.

Of course, with this update there will be a lot of airdrops with rare items that you can win matches with.

Moonton himself has indeed made significant improvements to the game mode that make the new gameplay more exciting.

Survival mode improvements

Survival mode
Photo via Moonton

Latest vehicle system

Vehicles no longer use the one-way vehicle skill. Instead, they are found scattered across the map so that players can use them whenever they want.

Of course, you have to be quick as there are only a limited number of vehicles scattered around different areas of the map.

Weapon upgrade

Players will later descend on the map with ammunition in the form of a military sword.

Killing jungles or securing airdrops results in items that can be used to purchase weapons or upgrade weapons that can be upgraded.

New upgrades for weapons

Military blade +

When attacked, the attack releases waves that can block bullets and make them ricochet.

Boomerang +

Greater range and can be re-staffed more often.


Larger bullets, of course, with fatal damage.

Sniper +

Shorter loading speed

Rocket launcher +

Stringer slow effect

Shotgun +

Higher ammunition capacity with additional acceleration after each attack.

Gatling weapon +

Greater range and can change direction faster.

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