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Ribo and Lusty take a break, BREN Esports opens a tryout for the Mobile Legends Division!

Ribo and Lusty take a break, BREN Esports opens tryouts for the Mobile Legends Division!

After failing to defend the MPL PH Season 7 title, BREN Esports will now be recruiting potential candidates to join their roster for the upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tournament.

The announcement came days after responding to CJ “Ribo” Ribo and Allan “Lusty” Catromayor, who announced they would be taking a break from the team.

Registration is currently ongoing and open to all Mobile Legends players. Here are the details of the tryout.

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Announced on Facebook

BREN Sport
Photo via BREN Esports

M2 World Champion and MPL PH Season 6 Champion, BREN Esports officially announced that they are looking for potential players to join the team.

They announced this on May 31, 2021 via their official Facebook page, just a few days after their two veterans Ribo and Lusty announced that they would take a break from the world champion M2 team.

“Are you brave enough to be part of the world championship team? Sign up now to be part of the BREN Esports MLBB Open Tryouts and we’ll take the list from there! ” wrote BREN in his Facebook post.

Unfortunately, the team has not disclosed what positions are required and how long it will take to register for the trial period.

Quick response from BREN Esports

Mobile legends m2 champion

This is certainly a quick step by the top Filipino team, which had to settle for fourth place in the 7th season of MPL PH and at the same time had to miss the MSC event in 2021.

Additionally, they are also ready to anticipate the decision of Ribo and Lusty, who are openly looking to take a break from the competitive Mobile Legends event.

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