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Mobile Legends Kagura, strengths and weaknesses

Mobile Legends players definitely know Hero for the ability to use an umbrella, so who else but Kagura are we talking about. Kagura is one of the heroes in Mobile Legends, this female hero mage is quite famous and loved by all Mobile Legends players. Hero Kagura also includes the main hero of famous players, RRQ Lemon.

Do you want to learn more about Kagura Mobile Legends? Let us invite you to listen to the end of this article so that you know the story of how Hero Kagura was made in Mobile Legends, and also the pros and cons of Hero Kagura in Mobile Legends.

The origin of the hero Kagura

Mobile Legends Kagura

Kagura is a girl who masters yin and yang techniques, she has the title of onmyouji master even at a young age. Kagura has an heirloom from his family, namely a powerful umbrella named Seimei, the umbrella from his family’s gift is considered to be very powerful and strong as the umbrella was made with the power of hundreds of strong and strong spirits during his life.

Kagura has always had a childhood friend, and now her friend’s goal is to kill traitors to her clan members. Kagura’s little friend is a Mobile Legends hero named Hayabusa. Kagura always accompanies Hayabusa, even when Hayabusa is training to fight against Hanzo, the traitor of his clan.

Hayabusa is always followed by Kagura wherever he goes to carry out missions, even dangerous missions. Kagura also decided to follow Hayabusa in his clan’s main mission, which is to kill the traitor Hanzo. I don’t know what made Kagura always be close to Hayabusa, whether it was feelings of love, affection or care? This is the genesis of the Hero Mobile Legends Kagura.

Advantages and disadvantages of Kagura

The advantage of Hero Mobile Legends Kagura is that it has a lot of blinking skills and is effective. He can use this ability to hunt down even enemy heroes. With lots and full crowd control skills like slow stun, it makes Kagura Hero a hero mage who is quite overwhelmed in the Mobile Legends game, especially during the early game.

Kagura is a hero mage who has great durability and mobility, which also makes this an advantage. High durability due to the influence of his passive skill, which gives a crowd control effect up to a shield of 280. His mobility can be seen in his second skill, which can throw an umbrella and teleport directly to the umbrella.

The weakness of Mobile Legends Kagura is that the hero is difficult to master, especially for beginners. The use of Kagura’s abilities shouldn’t be arbitrary and the timing shouldn’t be out of place for him to become a high difficulty hero.

Another downside to Kagura is that it has a pretty thin HP and a thin Def with a pretty slow attack speed. Although Kagura is very strong early in the game or early game, Kagura is not considered strong enough to survive the game in the late game as she will have to lose to the existing carry heroes.

Keep practicing using Kagura and keep learning from the best global Kagura players in Mobile Legends so you can use Kagura better in Mobile Legends. Hopefully this article will be useful as a complement to your insight into Hero Kagura Mobile Legends. We have completed the article entitled “Knowing more about the Hero Mobile Legends Kagura, their origins and their strengths and weaknesses” by the Gamefinity team. Don’t forget to share our website and continue to watch it below to get our other news information.

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