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Mobile Legends Ling, strengths and weaknesses

Whether you are a fan of Hero Mage in ML, Hero Tank, or other favorite things in Mobile Legends, as long as you play Mobile Legends games, you always need to learn and understand everything in Mobile Legends, including all of the heroes. Why? If you want to be good, you have to do it, but if you don’t, that’s fine.

Those of you who have read the title must already know, yes, this time around we will take our chance to discuss everything about the Hero Mobile Legends called Ling. Ayu, we invite you to invite your friends to listen to this article in which we introduce Ling Mobile Legends to all of you.

The origin of Hero Ling

Mobile Legends Ling

Ling is a student of The Great Dragon and he is the character who will later replace The Great Dragon. You could say that Ling rivals Zilong Mobile Legends because they are an equally strong student couple, both of whom have been nominated as the next The Great Dragon.

For some reason, the Great Dragon disliked Ling and later chose Zilong to succeed him. Ling, who was jealous, finally got upset with the Great Dragon and decided to kill his teacher, he decided to become an assassin who intended to kill his teacher.

Ling, who has ambitions to slay the Great Dragon, is approached by the Black Dragon, who was driven from the land of the dragon. Black Dragon stated that he also had the same reason and intention as Ling, which is to kill the Great Dragon, in the end Ling decided to work with him.

Long story short, Ling managed to get close to the Great Dragon. Ling glanced at his teacher briefly and remembered Zilong, of whom his teacher was proud. Then Ling immediately attacked his teacher, but Ling’s attack was immediately repulsed by Zilong, who was already waiting for Ling’s whereabouts.

Their fight had to end in the end because Ling ran away, because Ling could no longer fight his best friend and kept remembering their moments together. Zilong just stared at Ling, who ran away without doing anything. That’s the story of Ling Mobile Legends.

Advantages and disadvantages of Ling

The story of Ling in Mobile Legends is quite bearable, isn’t it? But it will hold out even if you don’t know what Ling’s strengths and weaknesses are in Mobile Legends. We explain to you what the strengths of Hero Ling in Mobile Legends are and what are the weaknesses of Hero Ling in Mobile Legends.

The first are Ling’s strengths in Mobile Legends, Ling’s strengths in Mobile Legends are: Ling has a good ability to combine. Ling’s damage is quite large and hurts enemy heroes. Ling is a ML hero with high mobility. Ling is the easiest ML Hero to share push and lane changes.

The pros then the next downside, Hero Ling’s shortcomings in Mobile Legends are: Ling doesn’t have a lot of crowd control skills. Hero Ling ML is one of the heroes that are difficult to master in ML. Ling was pretty dependent on his skills. The shelf life of ling can be quite short.

Those are Ling’s strengths and weaknesses in Mobile Legends, on average we rate this hero as a Mobile Legends hero who is less popular, especially with his role as a hero-assassin. Immediately you master Hero Ling as this Hero can be reliable and OP if the item build and mastery of this Hero is expert and following the correct directions from all sources.

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