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Mobile Legends Hayabusa, strengths and weaknesses

Ninja lovers, especially Mobile Legends players, need to get closer to this article! Why? Because we are going to discuss the Hero Mobile Legends called Hayabusa where the character or Hero Assassin is a real ninja who is pretty cool and popular in Mobile Legends game: Bang Bang.

Listen carefully and listen until the end as we are going to thoroughly examine the pros and cons of Hayabusa in the Mobile Legends game. For a good story of how Hayabusa was made, we certainly don’t forget to include it in this article as we intend to introduce you all to the full Hayabusa ML character.

The origin of the hero Hayabusa

Mobile Legends Hayabusa

Mobile Legends Hayabusa is said to be a true ninja from the Scarlet Shadow section who is now split due to conflicts caused by traitors. Scarlet Shadow now consists of 2 parts or 2 clans with each leader, with each clan having the same goal, namely to kill a traitor named Hanzo. The two clans decide to form an alliance so that a traitor named Hanzo can be exterminated from the Land of Dawn.

The young Hayabusa was appointed and chosen by the two clans to finish off the traitor Hanzo. With the mandate given, Hayabusa decided to train as hard as possible to defeat Hanzo. Each clan leader also trains him to become stronger, he is also equipped with his own secret platoon of the clan leader as the ultimate remedy against Hanzo.

Over time, Hayabusa has developed into a very reliable and strong ninja in both clans. Hayabusa finally dared to find and kill the traitor Hanzo, he also had the help of his friends whom he met. Hayabusa is currently looking for where Hanzo is in the Land of Dawn so that what Hanzo did to his clan can be avenged.

The pros and cons of Hayabusa

Mobile Legends Hayabusa has a perk that is quite annoying to the enemy, namely the perk in the form of a shadowmaker skill where this ability causes the enemy to attack Hayabusa. Another advantage is in some of his skills as well, Hayabusa is known as a hero that is easy to escape because he has skills that can be used as blink or escape skills. Hayabusa is a hero who may become a carry, especially in the late game, as Hayabusa can take great damage from his passive skills that continue to stack and agile moves to compensate.

Mobile Legends Hayabusa has shortcomings such as the waste of energy that it consumes and also has very poor durability because although the hero is heavily reliant on skills, Hayabusa is very wasteful of his energy. Hayabusa always has a chance to win when you are with another hero, but on the other hand, he is less effective when there is a war with many heroes. To play Hayabusa you have to always be vigilant and keep as much distance as possible, since Hayabusa is a hero assassin you have to look for prey that is appropriate and not guarded by friends and then kill it asap.

By practicing Hayabusa frequently and building the right items, the Assassin Hero can be used as a hero who can solo push rank. I hope you understand and understand our explanation about Hero Hayabusa above, both of its origins and its advantages and disadvantages in Mobile Legends. We have completed the article by the Gamefinity writing team, entitled “Let’s Check Out the Hero Mobile Legends Hayabusa, Its Origin and Strengths and Weaknesses”. Don’t forget to share and visit us again at to receive news articles and other information.

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