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The advantages of Hero Mobile Legends Layla

Learning each skill of a particular hero in the Mobile Legend game is indeed something that every Mobile Legend gamer must learn. Because by learning every skill of a hero, a player will automatically be able to find the right ways to use the hero.

Especially when the gamer is a very total gamer. Where that player also searches for information about a hero until the end. This means that the player searches for information about the origins along with a summary of the hero. For this reason, we would like to take the opportunity given today to provide comprehensive information about the origin and also the advantages and disadvantages of the cell phone legend Hero “Layla”.

The origin of the hero Layla

Layla Mobile Legends

Before we go into the advantages and disadvantages of Hero Mobile Legends Layla, it is better for us to first know the origin or history of the Hero Mobile Legends called Layla. The story of the game says that Layla is a child from a family who are very skilled with guns. Layla is an optimistic and happy person with a sense of justice and a very high thirst for adventure.

He dreams of becoming one of the peacekeepers in the arena of the Land of Dawn. Because according to the character Layla has, Layla is actually someone who has a high sense of justice and a thirst for adventure in Mobile Legends. Now Layla’s dream has come true where now Layla is one of the most powerful female heroes in Mobile Legends. Now that we’ve got to know the origins of the Hero, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Hero Mobile Legends Layla.

Layla’s strengths and weaknesses

It should be noted that Layla is one of the heroes who appeared along with the release of the Mobile Legend game. This means that this Layla Mobile Legends Hero is one of the oldest heroes in the game. Of course, the old hero doesn’t mean that his skills are bad. Below is a little bit of a description of the pros and cons of Mobile Legends Layla.

The Advantages of Mobile Legends Layla

  • Very strong for long-range combat.
  • Layla has an ability that allows her to shoot from a distance.
  • Is a hero sniper. Layla is one of the hero shooters, hero shooter Layla is one of the heroes who can lift his team (carry).
  • Has high burst damage. The Ultimate that Layla has not only offers a long range of fire, but her Ultimate is also capable of dealing quite a lot of damage to the enemy.

Lack of mobile legends Layla

  • Must use correct position. Players need to be able to position Hero Layla well
  • Has a thin HP. Layla is one of the heroes who has very low HP.
  • Must have a solid team. Layla needs a tank player who is good enough to withstand attacks aimed at her.

Hence the origin, plus the pros and cons of Mobile Legends Hero named Layla, where we explained the origins, pros and cons of Mobile Legends that you can know and learn about each. This is an article from Gamefinity titled Layla Knowing the Hero Mobile Legends, Its Origin and Strengths and Weaknesses.

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