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Meet Rell - the new League of Legends champion with special skills

For those of you, especially League of Legends fans, the final reveal of the Multiplayer Game Masters of the Year has been announced. His name is Rell, the new MOBA game champion was officially announced by Riot Games along with his skills and background – he is “Tank support“Who has earned the nickname”rides a furious storm of steel into every fight“Or it could be translated as” driving a mighty storm of steel into every battle “.

Rell, also known as Iron Maiden, has an impressive list of skills as a champion. His ability can be two different things, the first ability being W1 Ferromancy: crash: This ability turns the horse, Rell’s mount, into heavy armor that protects it from attack. Ferromancy: Crash Down will give Rell a large shield that will last until destroyed or released. According to the description by Riot Games on Twitter, “If he uses Ferromancy on landing he will hit enemies around him, Rell can still spend his E and R when switching”.

The second ability is that the armor of the rail turns into an indestructible steel bracket as it moves forward. This gives the Rell great mobility. And at the time of this change, the next attack will deal significant damage and deal additional damage to nearby enemies.

With a vengeance The brand new Champion’s Q (Crushing blow), E (Attract and repel), R (Storm magnets) and passive (Break the mold) gave Rell a new nickname as “Full Metal Equinist”. Riot wrote that in his Twitter post a while ago.

Passive rail

“I wanted to make Rell the most tank-heavy tank the world has ever seen,” explains game designer Stash “Riot Stashu” Chelluck in a developer post. I have the idea of ​​an armored character who separates the ground he walks on and makes the earth collapse under his force from his strength. “

Rell will launch live games on December 9th along with the League of Legends 10.25 patch – the final update of the year. This update will hit the PBE of the game for some changes, so keep checking back because we have a dataset that contains everything you want to know as soon as it hits the test server.

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