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How to get the highest title and province in Mobile Legends

How to get the top titles by countries and provinces in Mobile Legends – How are you all, I hope you are doing well. On this good opportunity I’ll share a few tips and tutorials How to get the top country title and province in mobile legends. For those of you who have worked hard to collect your ranking points and have not yet reached the top of the country or province.

How to get the top titles by countries and provinces in Mobile Legends

How to earn the highest global honorary title in Mobile Legends Country – Don’t worry, because I already have a solution here and I am guaranteed not to be banned, because here we are only changing our original location to a fake location.

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How to enter the top countries and provinces in Mobile Legends – Getting a title in Mobile Legends is actually very easy, the only thing you need here is that you can achieve at least 1000 and more. If you want to get to the top countries or provinces that still have points below 1000 (the points mentioned here are leaderboard points, not MMR points), you can search for regions or islands with very small areas.

Just check out the tutorial below.


1. Friend will download the application first Fake GPS locationbeing [DISINI]

2. After downloading it, just install it and open the Fake GPS Location application

3. If it is already open, a screen like the one below will appear and click “Open Settings”.

Title Top Country Mobile Legends

4. Please, buddy, scroll down a little and look for a menu like the one I circled below, click on the menu and select the “Fake GPS Location” application

Top title Mobile Legends Province

5. If so, please return to the main menu of Fake FPS Location as shown below and find the area you want. Here I have chosen a location in Japan in the Misato province. If you are already looking for the area you want, just click the green button in the lower right as shown below

Title honoring the world's leading mobile legends

6. If it works, try opening the notification bar and if it looks like the picture below. That is, it is connected.

How to get the top country title with fake GPS location

7. After that, my friend, open the Mobile Legends Game Buddy and try to go to the menu Leaderboards

Title top countries worldwide ML

8. Then my friend can go to the street menu and see in the top right corner that there is a button like Settings. Click on the menu

Top Mobile Legends of Hero Country

9. Then a menu will appear as shown below, just click “Okay”

How to get top titles for ML countries and provinces

10. and see the results I have entered the top 16 provinces in Japan. But to get the title we’ll have to wait for the leaderboard reset date, which is WIB every Monday at 8:00 p.m.

This is a tutorial on cHow to get the title honor top and top province in mobile legends. Thank you for visiting and hopefully useful. Don’t forget to share with friends who want to enter the world’s leading countries and provinces. Hello Analog-Moba!

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