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Opponent script Auto Lag / Afk / Bot + Auto Win Mobile Legends

Opponent script Auto Lag / Afk / Bot + Auto Win Mobile Legends 2021 – Yo, wassup moba analog. This time I will share with you how to cheat / hack enemies auto-lag, afk, bot in ml. Actually for Script auto lag ml it works sometimes and it doesn’t work, it depends on the enemy himself.

Opponent script Auto Lag / Afk / Bot + Auto Win Mobile Legends

Script Enemy Auto Lag ml – With this auto-afk script we can delay the network or internet of the enemy and also destroy it. On this occasion we use the enemy to save and give up on the spot to continue the game.

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How to Make Auto Lag Opponents in Mobile Legends – Sometimes we hate it when we want to wage a good war, suddenly there is no wind, there is nothing, the delay is made by itself. This is what makes me emotional and angry with the Mobile Legends game. So I already have the tips here. Just follow the tutorial below.

Enemy Script Auto Lag / Afk / Bot + Auto Win latest Mobile Legends 2021

Password: jangkrikboss

2. After that, my friend will also download the application ZArchiver to extract the file [Disini]

If you already have an extractor application, you do not need to reinstall it.

3. After the download is complete, go to the ZArchiver application and find the file you downloaded earlier, then click Extract / Compress.

4. Then the previously extracted file. Move / copy / paste / paste buddy Phone / Internet storage> Android> Data>> Files> Dragon> Assets> Any> Android (Insert here).

5. When the transfer finishes, try opening the Mobile Legends game. Jump joss 🙂

Remarks: Articles are for educational purposes only, not to cause harm. With this article, I hope Moonton can fix the bug.

Maybe that’s all I can say about it How to scam auto-lag opponents in ml. Hopefully useful and don’t forget to share with friends.


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