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Genshin Impact Fans Invade KFC in China, What's Up?

OKEGUYS – Did you know Genshin Impact fans have invaded several KFC restaurants in China, what do you think?

Genshin Impact fans raided KFC in China because they were getting bonuses from buying grocery packages such as bonus glider items, Diluc character badges for Noelle.

Gensin Impact KFC

With hundreds of Genshin Impact fans being reached who have infiltrated KFC restaurants, the bonus is actually very limited in some KFCs.

However, the attack on Genshin Impact fans at KFC has resulted in the dissolution of the police for violating the Covid-19 health protocol.

Genshin Impact fans invade KFC restaurants in China

These Genchin Impact fans have been attacking KFC since last Friday, which is actually selling the grocery packages on Sunday.

The way to get it is by buying the food package, the fans have to say something like, “meet in another world, eat delicious food!” against those of the KFC workers.

That’s it, guys, for bonuses up to hundreds of people.

Even so, it broke health protocol regulations. Obviously get a reprimand and a breakup from the police in China immediately.

Although the grocery and item bundling bonus is only valid from March 13-14, the event program will run from March 8-21, 2021.

Will this event take place in both Indonesia and China? If so, OKEGUYS suggests continuing to adhere to the prescriptions of the health protocol, folks.

This is the article on information about Genshin Impact fans attacking KFC in China.

Do you think this Genshin Impact bonus distribution event at KFC is interesting?

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