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Genshin Impact's latest income reaches 12 trillion rupiah

OKEGUYS – Since its first release on September 28, 2021, Genshin Impact has had fantastic total sales of up to 12 trillion rupiah.

Although Genshin Impact has not been available on console and mobile platforms for a long time, this game has the most popular features to make the game known in the world.

No wonder why the income is worth the cost of the moon.

Genshin Impact Pendapatan sales
Photo: Gameguru

In fact, early last year, thanks to its insane income, the Genshin Impact company distributed a bunch of iPhone 12 and Playstation 5 consoles to all of its employees.

Yes, at $ 874 billion, or Rs 12 trillion, it’s not difficult to share such luxurious items as the iPhone 12 and PS5.

Still, Genshin Impact has to compete with other popular games like Honor of Kings and PUBG Mobile from Tencent Games.

But so far, Genshin Impact has proven its existence in the online gaming market. They can market their games to 40% of the world’s population who are gamers.

Genshin Impact’s sales reach Rs.12 trillion

Genshin Impact was present in the game world on September 28th, and so far it is still busy and routine to provide updates and the latest content.

This game always shows excitement to its players with the presence of the newest character in every update.

Genshin Impact Pendapatan sales
Photo: OKEGUYS / Burhanudin Ahmada

Guys, are you a loyal player in the Genshin Impact game? Looks like you guys are loyal to the game, it has been proven that you are still monitoring this line.

Because this game will continue to spoil its players, including you.

So if you are more loyal to him, you will continue to receive the latest updates from Genshin Impact, Guys.

Okay, so this is the very latest information on Genshin Impact’s earnings reaching Rs 12 trillion.

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