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Frequent delay, Moonton makes improvements in MCL Mobile Legends

GAMEFINITY.ID, Jakarta – Recently players had a lag issue while playing the MLBB Championship League (MCL) on Mobile Legends. Until Moonton notified the players to seriously address the lag issue. Quoted from Facebook Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Moonton promises to improve the network so it will be better in the future. They strive to ensure that players can play as well as possible without the hassle of lag issues.

“We have had a lot of feedback recently from some players that some networks slow down when they participate in MCL. MLBB takes this problem seriously and is looking for a solution. In the future we will optimize the allocation mechanism for server battles in MCL to ensure the network quality of every participant playing. “

Moonton will be adding a new “Network Upgrade” mode in this regard, which will serve to stabilize and improve the network connection of its players. The second tweak, Moonton, will also tweak the quick mode that previously existed in Mobile Legends to automatically increase the handling of network fluctuations in the Mobile Legends game.

The third optimization, Moonton, ensures that if you lose the game due to network issues, the system in Mobile Legends will compensate you based on the situation. It is interesting to wait for the changes that will appear in the Mobile Legends game in the future. Not only that, Moonton will also present a new server especially for use in MCL tournaments so that the server is not heavy and of course is safe to play.

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