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Not only is Kevin Sanjaya reliable at Tepok Bulu, he's also good at Mobile Legends

GAMEFINITY.ID, Jakarta – The name Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo is known as a badminton athlete. The 25-year-old athlete has won various prestigious titles, from the Indonesia Open to All England titles to the Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games 2021 gold medals that adorn his collection of championship trophies. Together with his partner Marcus Fernaldi Gideon, the couple with the nickname The Minions also took 1st place in the BWF world in men’s doubles.

Unfortunately, the global COVID-19 pandemic has forced the Banyuwangi, East Java born athlete to retire from his activities in the Tepok Bulu sport. To fill his free time and fulfill his competitive spirit, Kevin Sanjaya is now active in the world of electronic sports, also known as esports. Kevin himself has indeed shown his ability to compete with professional esports athletes like Jess No Limit.

He was later also involved in the Mobile Legends tournament titled Celebrity Superstars Battle, which had been going on since October 31 last year. The competition, hosted by Mahaka Sports with Kuy Entertainment, featured a number of well-known celebrities, public figures and members of the country’s professional esports team. These include Raffi Ahmad, Baim Wong, Irwansyah, Uus, Vidi Aldiano, the RRQ e-sports professional team Evos and Valkyrie 48.

A total of 30 participants were divided into six teams. Kevin Sanjaya started as team leader, as did Raffi Ahmad, Baim Wong, Vidi Aldiano, Brisia Jodie and Desy JKT 48. These six teams play in the group stage, each group consists of three teams. The two best teams in each group will qualify for the semi-finals, which will take place on Saturday, November 7th, 2021. The two best teams from the semi-finals will compete against each other in the final on Sunday, November 8th, 2021.The game can be followed on YouTube Kuy Entertainment.

As captain, Kevin Sanjaya also managed to get his team consisting of EVOS Pendragon, Mira Valkyrie48, Celine Valkyrie48 and Philopaz Armand into the semi-finals. The teams Vidi Aldiano and Desy JKT 48 fell first, leaving the remaining teams of Raffi Ahmad, Brisia Jodie and Baim Wong in the semifinals.

Kevin Sanjaya’s team also received praise from Kuy Entertainment for recognizing the world’s leading badminton skill. They said Kevin Sanjaya’s team have a good cohesion with “no-can” skills.

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