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Dragon Rider update in Clash of Clans

Dragon Rider (Dragon rider) is a mechanical kite ridden by a skeleton pilot. They are the new troops Supercell released in the June 15th Summer Update, right after the massive Town Hall Level 14 update. Previously, Supercell also has a trailer post on the Clash of Clans FB page about the new one Troop update shared (link).

“This terrible terror machine flew and destroyed all defenses it encountered. It is said that the skeleton pilot was often scared because his mount sometimes got out of hand.

Dragon Rider is one of the air forces that promotes fireball attacks (single target) with a clear margin. His preferred targets are defensive structures such as cannons and archer towers. You can unlock Dragon Riders in the Elixir Barracks after upgrading to level 15, exactly when you are at Town Hall level 13. You can upgrade these troops to a maximum of level 3.

Level 1

  • Damage per second: 340
  • Damage if destroyed: 700
  • PS: 4100
  • Training cost: 22,000 elixir
  • Training time: 16.40 seconds

Level 2

  • Upgrade cost: 16,000,000 elixir
  • Upgrade time: 15 days
  • Damage per second: 370
  • Damage when destroyed: 800
  • PS: 4500
  • Training cost: 25,000 elixir

level 3

  • Upgrade cost: 17,500,000 elixir
  • Upgrade time: 17 days
  • Damage per second: 400
  • Damage when destroyed: 900
  • PS: 4900
  • Training cost: 28,000 elixir

Dragon riders also have special abilities like the Electric Dragon which, when destroyed, damages the area around it. The advantage of this army is to have it Health points big enough to be a shield for small airborne troops to attack. With a total capacity of 25 or equal to the size of PEKKA, this troop can be carried by players with a Castle Clan at least level 8 or at least already at City Hall level 5. According to Admin, this troop is very suitable to be used as a substitute troops Lava dog which takes up a lot of space in the army camp. Dragon riders combine better with air troops with low HP, such as minion or Baby dragon because of ability Dragon rider who has high HP and goes forward to attack the opposing defense.

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