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Airship update at Among Us

Hello there✌🏻, Inner slot recently made a major update to the game Between us with version 2021.4.2a where one of the coolest updates is adding the latest map. Previously, Innersloth also uploaded a video trailer on YouTube about the creation of this new map. Well, for those who haven’t seen it, you can check out the link below

Below us the Airship Map Reveal Trailer

The trailer was really cool from the start😍 although the trailer shows the shape of a very large airplane !! drift slowly in the blue sky. Well, that plane is called the Airship and this time it will be the location of the latest map in the Among Us update. Plus, the backsound that gives you goosebumps makes us feel like we want to dive back into the world of Among Us guys.

Airship This is an airship (similar to a hot air balloon), but a more modern version that uses propellers and floats casually in the air.

Not just the latest map update

Now Among Us added features Game accounts that you can no longer use random names.

There are 3 ways you can participate in the Among Us game by:

  1. Register an account through Google Play
  2. Guest account / test account
  3. Play offline

When playing with a guest account, you will be given a random username that cannot be changed at will.

Compared to the previous 3 maps, the airship map is much larger. It’s so big that you have to choose a respawn location before entering this airship map.

There are several new missions on this airship map that are sure to help you feel less bored while playing the Among Us game.

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