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DIGIMON ReArise | Popular role-playing game with legendary characters

DIGIMON ReArise is a mobile role-playing game (RPG) developed by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. and released in 2021.

With dozens of iconic DIGIMONs, you can’t refuse to download this cool game application, the successor to DIGIMON Links that was released earlier, you know!

So what makes this RPG game superior to previous DIGIMON game series and other RPG genre games?

Skuy, check out OKEGUYS ‘recap of the mobile game DIGIMON ReArise below:

New gameplay and system in DIGIMON ReAriseDIGIMON ReArise gameplay

With a round system, each character in this game is equipped with certain characteristics.

As a player, your job is not just to level up and develop yourself. At DIGIMON ReArise, too, it is important to put together the best possible team.

You can bring 5 DIGIMON characters with different types and effects. Each DIGIMON will later have three skills, namely the main skill, active and passive.

Offer more real storiesDIGIMON ReArise story

The appeal of DIGIMON ReArise is a more interesting setting in which the real world merges with the digital world.

Each player has their own DIGIMON and they appear on your phone screen. Well, this DIGIMON will be a digital pet to accompany you on the go.

Not only does the setting give a more real impression, but the stories offered also help to make the atmosphere more real.

Graphics quality further developedDigimon restores Grafis graphics

You will be spoiled with much cooler graphics quality.

You can see significant changes in the graphical representation compared to the predecessor.

DIGIMON characters come to your screen with new, better animations.

With improvements on all sides, including a more interactive gameplay and storyline, this RPG game deserves to take you back to the nostalgia room and take care of the DIGIMON monsters until they evolve.

For you die-hard DIGIMON lovers, don’t wait any longer, hurry up and fill up the memory on your smartphone and download DIGIMON ReArise now, it won’t take long.

A super fun adventure with adorable monsters awaits you!


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