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League of Legends has a new ranking function

OKEGUYS – League of Legends has functions Ranking new to Solo / Duo and Flex mode, how do you think the system works?

Which of you plays League of Legends or LOL? There’s the latest news, folks, for you players.

Allegedly, LOL will introduce a feature in the near future Leaderboard leaderboard new tablets for Solo / Duo and Flex Mode.

Wow what’s the name and what’s the new leaderboard feature system like? Come on, let’s just see the detailed info folks.

New function “Social Leaderboard” in League of Legends

Twitter account named @coderbryant which is Product management from League of Legends just showed features Ranking a new addition to Riot’s MOBA game.

This function is called “Social Leaderboard”, where later players can see their ranking list and compare it with their friends list.

The social leaderboard is displayed when the player is in the Lobby before the game if you want to play the mode Ranked game. This function is displayed in order in Solo / Duo and Flex modes.

Leaderboard Leaderboard of League Legends
Photo: Riot Games

For a player who doesn’t have a lot of friend lists, this feature will be less useful.

But for players who have a lot of friend lists, this feature will of course make it easier to find other players with the same rank.

In fact, this feature already existed in the mobile version of League of Legends or Wild Rift. However, it appears that Riot Games just applied this feature to the PC version of LOL.

There is no further information on when this feature will officially be available on LOL, but it is certain that the social leaderboard will be present in the near future.

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So that’s it, info about the features Ranking new that will be included in League of Legends. What do you think LOL players will this new feature be very useful to you?

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