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Build Items Hero Gatot Kaca in Mobile Legends

Finally, the Gatot Beling Hero was officially released by Mobile Legends, the Gatot Kaca Hero is from Indonesia. The construction of this Gatot Shard hero needs careful thought as this hero is a tank role. We can understand that although the tank hero is seldom liked by players, it is possible that thanks to the presence of Gatot Kaca, players will turn their hearts to the tank hero. Usually, players of mobile legends choose Markman and Battle Heroes because they are agile and easy to use. In contrast to the build item for tank heroes in general, Gatot Shard also has damage that is quite pronounced for its opponent. Therefore, we need to build a Gatot Shard hero with a half-armored version of the item that can excite the enemy in battle.

This Gatot Shard hero is very skilled in his third ulti where he flies and jumps against his opponent so that he does quite a lot of damage. For this reason, I recommend building a half tank for this Gatot Shard hero. We can buy the Gatot Beling Hero with pretty expensive Battle Points, namely 32,000 BP. But I don’t guarantee you can win with a semi-tank build for Gatot Kaca heroes because basically winning and losing is a normal thing in a game.

Guide Hero Gatot Kaca Semi Tank Version

To successfully use the Gatot Shard hero build this time around, it takes a small farm buff to get maximum results. Because if you use the purple buff Where which we use will be much more efficient.

Build item hero gatot Kaca

For items suitable for Gatot Beling heroes, you can use Warrior Boots, Disaster Cudgel, Curset Helmed, Calamity Reaper, Bloodthirsty King, Blood Wings. This building item is a combination of magic and armor. The effects created by these items are very nice for GatotKaca heroes. However, if you want a full tank version, you can combine these elements as you wish.

Tips on Using Hero Gatot Kaca

For professionals, using Gatot Beling heroes requires good cooperation with the team, without which you will not get a victory in the game. The first thing to do when entering a game is to take the first skill, this is for jungle monsters. After all skills are unlocked, Ulti 3 is a nice combination of enemy handling skills followed by Abilities 2 and 1. This is a good Ulti combo for Gatot Kaca heroes. Even if GatotKaca is a tank hero, you shouldn’t be too ambitious to go ahead on your own, at least you’re going with a fighter or marksman.

These are a few tips and tricks to use my Gatotkaca hero, build items and these tips won’t guarantee you a victory, because victory and defeat are common in the game.

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