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3 reasons Alucard is enough to be popular with Mobile Legends players

Here are 3 reasons why the hero of Alucard is very popular with gamers Mobile legends especially as a jungler hero.

One of the veteran heroes, whose name is quite popular in every meta-game, Alucard, has become a popular hero in Indonesia until now MLBB.

Not to mention, Alucard dealt extra damage in Moonton’s last update and that was enough to boost Alucard’s great ability.

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Now on that, SPIN Esports will provide one reason why Alucard is very popular with gamers MLBB until now.

High damage & mobility


The first reason is the damage done by Alucard and the mobility is very high. The damage is exceptionally high in the early game through late game.

Do not forget that Alucard’s mobility is so high, although the cooldown is only very short from Skill 2 onwards.

And those two things are the main reasons why players love to play that one hero.

Easy to play

Skill alucard mlbb

The second reason is that it is easy to play even for a beginner. You just need to consider the timing of entering the war, be careful of your items and your opponents and others.

Counter multiple sniper / assassin heroes

Skill alucard mlbb

Now it’s time for jungler assassin / marksman heroes, now heroes can easily be slaughtered with this role from Alucard.

But keep in mind that Alucard has had to kill them since the early game as in the late game Alucard is the one who gets killed because it’s also quite easy to counter Alucard.

These are some of the reasons why Alucard is loved by gamers Mobile legends as far as a jungler.

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