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Best Hero Combo Guide Mobile Legends Season 14

So far, there are dozens of heroes that we can use in the Mobile Legends game. Each of the existing heroes has a range of interesting and deadly abilities. While any of these skills can be used to attack on their own, it would be nice if you combine attacks with other heroes played by your friends or team.

Attacks like this are often referred to as combo attacks. Mobile Legends itself is actually a game that requires teamwork. Therefore, combo attacks are urgently needed in order to be able to paralyze the opponent. Each hero type also determines their respective roles, e.g. For example, tanks ready to receive or launch attacks, assassins attacking non-stop, or other types of heroes whose functions need to be understood.

Therefore, having understood the type of our hero, we can determine which heroes to duel with in order to optimize our attacks against the enemy. Not all combo attacks are fatal, however. If you want to try a combo attack, here are a number of deadly combos for the current Mobile Legends hero. Anything?

1JonAurora combination (Johnson and Aurora)

This deadly duet of tank heroes and mages is no less deadly and pretty easy to make. The main requirement, however, is that, as a Johnson player, you must be able to control the speed of the vehicle. Even if you’re not good at driving Johnson, you can attack in a straight line.

It wasn’t long before Johnson was eliminated Competencies Ultimate and turned it into a vehicle, Aurora immediately went inside. Hit a lot of enemies then the enemy will be stunned for a few seconds. Well then take it out Competencies ultimate aurora (cold destruction).

It would be even better if Competencies Ultimate Aurora has a freeze effect. After that, Aurora can also add damage by it Competencies first and second. If someone tries to escape, Johnson may also appear to anticipate it Competencies first time (iron sack), then the enemy is stunned.

2Combo TigreGord (Tigreal and Gord)

In season 12, Tigreal is one of the heroes to receive a buff or skill upgrade. The cooldown of this tank hero attack has become shorter. No wonder a lot of people have used Tigreal as a tank in the last ranked battles.

Tigreal has the ability Crowd control the good. Therefore, it is also reliable in the event of an attack combo, one of which was with Gord. This hero mage has Competencies which is very painful, especially incombo with tiger eel.

The way is like this, first Tigreal penetrates the enemy crowd with the magic Flicker. If it’s in the crowd, use it Competencies Ultimate Tigreal (Implosion) to collect and stun enemies. Well, along with Competencies Tigreal’s Ultimate was previously launched by Gord Competencies first and second, then remove Competencies ultimate.

Can also be afterwards Competencies Tigreal’s ultimate before, Gord took it out right away Competencies second and last. Competencies 1. Gord can also be used when someone is trying to escape.

3rdEudora and Lolita Combo

combo This next one again relies on the tank hero. Yes, you can not only rely on it to be a shield, but also on tank heroes combo Hello folks. How one of them is combo Eudora and Lolita.

The first thing you have to do is take it out Competencies second eudora (electric arrow) to stun the enemy. Also after the enemy has been stunned, you can also instantly spend the ultimate Eudora to rain down on the enemy with wild petis or use Competencies ultimate lolita to defeat the enemy.

Or it could be after the enemy has been stunned, is hit immediately with Competencies ultimate lolita, new Competencies ultimate eudora. I fall Competencies Ultimate has been used, you can beat it again with Competencies first eudora or defense with Competencies first lolita.

4thRuby and Odette Combo

combo The next kill can be used on the Ruby and Odette couple. combo These two heroes can kill not just one or two, but several enemy masses at the same time. combo it takes advantage of Ruby’s stun effect.

The trick is to remove Competencies Ultimate (I’m offended!) Ruby first. Make sure you are directing Competencies ultimate is right, right. Competencies Ultimate Ruby will attract and stun the enemy.

While previously drugged, Odette stepped in by spending Competencies its ultimate (swan song). Or Odette can also exhibit Competencies lock the enemy first. If someone tries to escape, take advantage of it Competencies two rubies.

5Triple COMBO Gatotkaca, Iritel and Aurora

attack combo This is not only possible with two heroes, but also with three heroes. Such as combo Ghatotkacha, Irithel and Aurora. Both Gatotkaca, Aurora and Irithel have area attacks. So if the attacks of the two were combined, it would be a duet combo which is very good.

The trick is that you take it out first Competencies Ultimate aurora against the crowd of enemies. Make sure Competencies passive aurora active to freeze enemies. While the enemy is frozen, rain back with you Competencies ultimate ghatotkacha.

In this state of chaos, Irithel entered with a Competencies First weaken the enemy’s armor and take it off immediately Competencies Ultimate to attack the enemy in the area.

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