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5 Hero Mobile Legends countered with Spell Purify

Here are 5 heroes Mobile legends which can easily be counteracted by magic cleaning. Is there anyone?

Only with the spell “Cleanse” can you escape some of the terrifying heroes in the world Mobile legends.

Clean up mobile legends

This spell is very useful in meta Mobile legends Now the main function is to rid players of all CC effects and increase the movement speed a little.

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Right now, yes, here are some terrifying heroes that are easy to meet by spell cleaning. Write it down!


Hero Disable Mobile Legends Selena

The first hero is Selena, this one hero is useless against a hero who uses the Purify spell.

The reason is clear, Purify can rid its users of Lele Selena who is known for giving the longest stun in MLBB.

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Mobile legends free skins

Then there is Atlas, this one tank hero has the ultimate that his opponents are terrified of. Ultimate Atlas can stun the opponent for a long time, not to mention the damage is pretty high too.

Now, to make the ultimate atlas useless, the answer is to use magic cleansing.


Heroes against Guinevere

Then there is the fighter hero with the most terrible stupor, Guinevere. One jump and then spend skill 3, Guin can instantly kill any enemies hit by the jump.

And to avoid that, magic cleansing is the answer.


Combo yve mobile legends

Then there is Yve, actually this hero doesn’t have a terrible stun ability, just the slow effect of Yve is very high and annoying.

The only way to avoid Yve’s slow skill is to cast Purify or Flicker, but it’s less effective.


Eudora combination
Photo via UHD Wallpaper

After all, is Eudora who doesn’t want to be picked up, drugged, electrocuted and then killed by Eudora? Don’t want it, just be careful when you run into that one hero mage.

You have to use a cleansing spell to counter Eudora, the skill is guaranteed to be useless.

These are the 5 terrifying heroes in Mobile legends which can easily be countered with just one spell.

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