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Before the El Classico Match, here is Skylar's opinion on EVOS Legends!

Before the El Classico Match, here is Skylar’s opinion on EVOS Legends!

RRQ Hoshi’s performance in the Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) Indonesia Season 7 is developing very rapidly. This is because they have had seven wins in a row since their last loss to Genflix Aerowolf with a score of 1-2 on March 14th.

The winning streak also brought those who were in 7th place in the table by the end of the regular season to the top of the overall standings. RRQ itself is expected to face EVOS Legends in the final to determine who will occupy the top bracket slot.

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Skylar’s opinion on EVOS Legends

In his latest interview with Team RRQ (@teamrrq) he gave his exclusive answer on the current status of EVOS Legends.

“When we talk about EVOS, yes, if it’s still the previous EVOS, season 4, there’s Oura and Esel, that’s strong. I don’t know how it is now, but the mentality isn’t there yet.” Skylar said during an interview with Team RRQ.

In addition, he is also suspicious of two older EVOS Legends players who, in his opinion, still have optimal strength.

“As for the players who need to be careful, there is Rekt, Luminaire. Rekt Luminaire does it because these two are from M1, “Skylar said.

Skylar himself is currently showing his best performance in the MPL ID Season 7 event as it was previously very difficult to adjust after being promoted from the RRQ Sena team.

Source: ig rrq_skylar

Of course, with RRQ Hoshi resurrected, it is possible that they will take revenge after their first encounter with EVOS Legends.

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