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7 Mobile Legends Heroes Suitable For Queen's Wings Items!

These are 7 Mobile Legends Heroes suitable for Queen’s Wings items, not snipers!

According to the favorite items in Mobile Legends, namely Queen’s wing has been changed and is not suitable for Marksman heroes.

You have to be curious which hero is suitable for this one item. An item that used to be mandatory for all heroes because it has this good passive.

Due to the sudden change in Mobile Legends in the new patch, this item no longer has any influence on physical life theft and only affects magic vamps.

Which hero in your opinion is suitable, here is a list of the 7 heroes according to SPIN Esports.

Yu Zhong

Hero Offlaner Meta Season 19 mlbb

Yu Zhong is a fighter hero who uses his abilities to deal damage and indeed a hero who relies on spell vamp so he is still very well suited to using this item.


Lucky Spin Terizla Mobile Legends

Terizla’s combo is in fact his ability especially ability 2 and it also affects his spell vamp, especially Terizla’s hero is immune so he will have to use this defensive item to strengthen himself.


Heroes against Dyrroth

Dyrroth also relies on skill combinations. And he’s also famous for his powerful magic vamp. Even if this hero is thin, with the right hands Dyrroth will never stop adding blood with spell vamp, especially after you’ve used this item.

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mlbb rank solo hero

It’s not surprising to see this one hero on the list. Because in fact Lapu-Lapu is a hero who relies on magic vamp. Obviously very suitable for this one article.


Alpha Mobile Legends
Photo via hobbygame

Alpha is also known as a strong magic vamp hero, a short cooldown time allows him to constantly refresh his HP, of course this item also makes him stronger.


Lucky Spin Skin Ruby
Photo via UHD Wallpaper

Ruby is one of the heroes who has passive HP regeneration, this also depends on the spell vam and life steal they have. And this article really helped him.


Gambling trick mobile legends

Finally there is Leomord. Although the last Nerf made its name, it no longer counted as an Offlaner. However, it is still sometimes used as a jungler. Especially with the magic vamp of this item, Leomord regenerates the HP strongly when riding.

These are the 7 Mobile Legends heroes best suited for using Queen’s Wings items in the current meta. Although it’s been nerfed, it doesn’t mean this article is unused. But don’t try Marksman, okay?

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