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The 5 best heroes to play solo in Mobile Legend

Solo in relation to the Mobile Legend game is not a city in any of the provinces of Indonesia, but in this case Solo is defined more as a type or style of play that makes a player not so much harm (war) teamfights, but rather rather where his role is to sneak and steal enemy towers.

By exploiting the bustle of the opposing team when they attempt to attack our defenses, in such circumstances we can release one of the team’s heroes to focus on advancing alone to conduct solo activities.

But sometimes Solo at this point can not only be interpreted as stealing the tower himself, but it can also be a 3-1-1 strategy that can focus attacks on the group of 3 and the rest is alone enough to withstand enemy attacks just on the tower.

The 3-1-1 strategy is rarely used, but when we see how effective the 2-1-2 strategy is, which sometimes doesn’t live up to expectations, a strategy that relies on focused 3-person attacks is one Worth trying.

So the point is, Solo can be interpreted as a movement of its own in relation to the Mobile Legend game.

In the subject of this article I will now discuss which heroes are suitable for solo use or which can be left alone for movement.

In this case, this time there are 5 heroes on my list. Who are these heroes?

Okay, here is the list:


Solo in terms of Mobile Legend game is not a city that is among the top 5 heroes for Solo in Mobile Legend
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Some of you may be wondering why the Saber hero can be on the list.

To answer such questions, it is first necessary to understand the Saber hero’s ability himself, namely:

  1. Enemy Curse (Passive): Each attack reduces the target’s armor up to 10x for 5 seconds
  2. Flying sword : Throws 4 flying swords that cause 160 pts physical attack, and the sword spins for some time and returns to Saber.
  3. Attack: Attacking the specified location gives 80 points of attack when it hits the enemy.
  4. Triple Sweep: Attacks the opponent’s hero by punching in the air, causing 3 consecutive hits with each hit, giving 220 attack points

Now that we’ve read and understood its capabilities, we’ll next discuss how Saber is able to play solo.

This one hero is great for solo rides as Saber has a useful Onslaught ability according to its own skill, or you can use it when an ambush occurs and then be offset by issuing a Flying Sword ability that will make the enemy think twice To pursue you further.

So the point is to run away quickly if you feel anything strange about the card, hehe ..


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Every time an exclamation mark appears over your hero, it indicates that Natalia’s hero is in the territory you occupied. Well, at such moments, there may be a desire to run away, but the possibility is that Natalia will quickly lose and be attacked by her.

Therefore, in order to overcome this hero, we should not go alone, with friends, or in groups too often – it is okay to be busy. This will certainly not dare Natalia’s heroine to attack and think more about withdrawing.

That is when you are looked at from your point of view that you are Natalia’s enemy. Then what happens when you use this hero.

On his own, this one hero is certainly very well suited to do so.

As we know, it can disappear or not be directly detected by the enemy, which allows it to easily carry out tower thefts without fear or frequent ambushes.


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Of course you already understand how he plays solo for this one hero, right ?, hehe.

Yes, go ahead yourself, then when you see a situation that is no longer possible, all you have to do is use your ultimate means to run away quickly.

But sometimes this method is also weak when the hero who ambushes Zilong is Eudora and Zilong himself.

If Eudora just stuns him, and that can make him do nothing else. Then, when the same type of hero ambushes, when Zilong’s hero is ambushed by Zilong, when Zilong’s hero is ambushed by Zilong, it becomes an exciting chase thanks to the Spire Strike ability, which allows him to follow the enemy hero anywhere.


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Okay, let’s get to the hero who gets banned the most.

Hayabusa is a very difficult hero to catch indeed, the reason for this is …

First, let’s look at the following skills:

  1. Ninjutsu: Shadow Healing (Passive): After removing the ability’s attack on the same target four times, Hayabusa’s HP recovers. It recovers faster from the lowest HP.
  2. Phantom Shuriken: Throws 3 fan-shaped Shuriken in front of you, dealing 250 physical damage and causing a 60% slowing effect on the affected enemy. If 3 Hayabusa Shuriken hit the same enemy, it will inflict an attack of up to 200% damage on the Shuriken.
  3. Quad Shadow: Releases 4 shadows from him in 4 directions. When the shadow hits the enemy hero, it inflicts a 60% slowing effect and 120 physical damage.
  4. Ougi: Shadow Kill: Transforms into a shadow and runs around the combat area, inflicting double-target attacks on enemies in a certain area. Multiple attacks cause 130 points of physical damage, double attacks on the same enemy increase by 5% per attack.

Why is it suitable for solo? The reason for this is that we can distinguish him from his first skill, where Hayabusa throws a shuriken in three different directions, and when hit by an enemy, the shuriken has a slow effect on the enemy.

Then his second ability, which sends out black shadows in 4 directions, and from these four directions Hayabusa can move in the desired direction at will.

And finally, for its ultimate ability, Hayabusa is able to attack many enemies without being seen by the enemy himself.

In terms of solo activities, the combination of Hayabusa’s abilities is usually done in the first way, which is first to cast a shadow on the enemy, then quickly do the ultimate and quickly use the shuriken throwing skill and finally vanish backwards using the incident shadow has not yet reached the cooldown.

Well, this way it is certain that you will do a lot to help your team win. But there are also things to be considered where in relation to using Hayabusa it is better to do maximal training first.

In this exercise you will learn to better understand how to use Hayabusa’s own skills.

Because if you deal with it less passively, Hayabusa’s role, which should be very useful, can become invisible at all.


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Mission 1 is a tank?

Yes, as I explained above, this solo means not only going alone to steal the tower, but also defending yourself in the tower and focusing the attack on a teammate who is himself the attacker.

As for guarding the tower, this Minotaur is best in my opinion.

The reason is that he has the ability Motivation roar useful for strengthening yourself and your allies, regenerating 340 hp for yourself and giving 50 percent to colleagues cure. In anger mode, the anger regeneration effect is activated for 2 seconds so that the Minotaur regenerates HP after taking damage.

Besides, this Minotaur doesn’t need a name at all. So by having the ability to increase his own HP and not needing mana to do this repeatedly, of course, it makes it very difficult for him to beat him even if he is hit.


So this is a list of 5 heroes that I think are suitable for solo play, hehe ..

And if you want to add more heroes with unique skills and useful features to the team, feel free to comment below and share your experience with many other Mobile Legend players. Source

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