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10 injured mage heroes in Mobile Legends

OKEGUYS – Mage heroes in Mobile Legends basically all have pathological damage, but some of these heroes can be called different for several reasons.

Some of these sick mage heroes have received makeovers, buffs, etc., so this hero has become a mainstay for Mobile Legends players for several seasons.

Well, below, Mimin has prepared who the heroes are, then let’s watch the article until it’s done.

The sick hero mage in Mobile Legends, you have to know that!

Mimin sums up some of these mage heroes after those who are most commonly used in ranked mode and the target of almost all player bans, here are the ranks.

1. Eudora

Hero Magician Mobile Legends
Photo: Mobile Legends

The first is Eudora, yes, that one magician hero is very, very lethal to several opposing heroes indeed.

Eudora is also able to kidnap and defeat his opponent without a fight, using his combo ability to immobilize his opponent.

Lately, Eudora has become one of the mage heroes who is often banned from ranked mode.

2. Luo Yi: Hero Mage Mobile Legends

Luo Yi is the sickest hero mage in mobile legends
Photo: Mobile Legends

Luo Yi was no less painful than Eudora and could take down his opponent with just one skill and two.

Luo Yi is a mage hero who deals considerable damage and can freeze 5 enemies at once with just a few skills, guys.

Luo Yi is also positioned as a supporter in the game. Well, if you love to be a supporter, that one hero is really suitable.

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3. Vale

Photo: Mobile Legends

Vale is here too, Guys, one of the hero mages who is used as a supporter and can make his opponent difficult with some of his skills.

Vale can only lift or stun his enemies with his second ability. So when a war occurs, Vale becomes one of the good team combo heroes.

4. Change’e

Photo: Mobile Legends

Next up there is Chang’e, he is also one of the magician heroes who is very annoying folks, he often turns into a buff thief right away.

Chang’e is also usually positioned as a good supporter and tower guardian, as he can only take down minions with his ultimate ability.

5. Alice

Hero Magician Mobile Legends
Photo: Mobile Legends

If this one is usually placed in the Offlaner or Sidelaner position, guys, who else if not Alice.

Alice is one of the heroes with thick blood and Robbery of life which is quite big, plus the damage from the skill can fight 2 enemies at the same time.

6. Lunox: Hero Mage Mobile Legends

lunox hero mage mobile legends hurts
Photo: Mobile Legends

Lunox isn’t just your ordinary Mage Mobile Legends hero, folks, Lunox is the sickest and most feared mage hero.

This is because Lunox has been used as the core of a team lately and is often used as an offlaner.

With painful damage and unique abilities, Lunox is going to be very difficult to beat, so Lunox has been used a lot by multiple players lately, guys.

7. Cecilion

Cecilion's hero Mage Mobile Legends is sick
Photo: Mobile Legends

Cecilion is not only used as a support hero, but also very often used as a Sidelaner.

If he’s made a Sidelaner, there’s nothing the enemy can do, guys, because he has long range skills and very painful damage.

8. Cyclops

Cyclops hero mage Mobile Legends hurts
Photo: Mobile Legends

The next sickest magician hero is Cyc Guys, although used as a Support or Sidelaner hero, Cyc is also a difficult hero to fight.

Because the hero has tedious skills and very fast cooldown skills that make it difficult for the enemy to find gaps.

9. Lylia

Photo: Mobile Legends

Next up is Lylia Guys, one of the sickest mage heroes in Mobile Legends who is also often used as a support.

Even so, Lylia is also an annoying heroine to the core of the enemy, as she has landmines and ultimate abilities that will replenish her blood.

10. Pharsa

Hero Magician Mobile Legends
Photo: Mobile Legends

Pharsa is also the sickest magician hero in Mobile Legends, Guys, as well as being a difficult hero in war mode.

When the war begins, Pharsa doesn’t have to appear in battle, she just needs to monitor remotely or from a hiding place and activate her long-range ulti.

Well, those are some of the ranks of Mobile Legends heroes, especially those with the sickest role of mage right now. Are you interested in using it?

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