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Update v1.4 Genshin Impact will be released on March 17th. What is there?

Genshin Impact Update v1.4. (miHoYo) – Genshin Impact will certainly get a new update, namely v1.4, which will bring many updates. What does miHoYo offer as a developer in this open-world action RPG game?

It is confirmed that the new Genshin Impact v1.4 update will be available on March 17th, 2021 with the theme “Windflower Invitation”. It is confirmed that this update is available for PC, Android, iOS and PlayStation 4 versions compatible with PlayStation 5.

All players who have the Adventure Rank Lv. 20 years and older and who have completed the quest “Song of the Dragon and Freedom” are invited to take part in the annual celebration of freedom and love with the people of the moon. The festival also takes place in the middle of a warm spring breeze, when thousands of dandelion seeds fly.

Genshin Impact is a free, open world ARPG game that takes players into the visually stunning world of Teyvat. Players take on the role of a mysterious traveler, embark on a journey to find his missing brother and uncover Teyvat’s secrets on his journey.

Players can explore Moon City and Liyue Harbor, two of Teyvat’s seven capitals. Each city has a unique culture and history, a vast landscape full of creatures, monsters, secrets and treasures. More cities, stories, characters, and seasonal events will be released.

City of Mondstadt near Genshin Impact.  (miHoYo)
City of Mondstadt near Genshin Impact. (miHoYo)

It is believed that the Windflower Festival was originally organized as a commemorative event for the liberation of the lunar city 2,600 years ago. However, for its current residents, the Windflower Festival has become a moment when people express their love and play various types of outdoor games.

Knights of Favonius and the Adventurers’ Guild will organize a series of mini-games and challenges for players to enjoy both individually and with friends, and many prizes will be offered.

The rewards include two exclusive items – the Wind Flower Festival Memorial Balloon and Wind Song Lyre, and a new * 4 weapon – the Wind Flower Ode. In addition, there is a new genre of quests that has several different endings.

Travelers have the opportunity to spend time with Barbara, Noelle, Bennett, and Chongyun to create many memories together.

Event dating at Genshin Impact.  (miHoYo)
Event dating at Genshin Impact. (miHoYo)

In v1.4, more details about the Abyss Order and the fate of the separated Traveler siblings will be revealed. Travelers who continue their investigation with “Tree Guardian” Dainsleif will face the impressive Abyss Herald and learn some surprising secrets about the world’s first ruin guard.

Two months after her first appearance on Dragonspine, “Thorny Benevolence” Rosaria will join the game as the newest playable * 4 character.

Rosaria uses a polearm type weapon and has the power of Cryo. He can quickly shoot behind the enemy to launch an attack. His Elemental Burst fires a powerful blow, inflicting massive Cryo-DMG, followed by continuous Cryo-DMG area attacks against nearby enemies.

Rosaria the character from Genshin Impact.  (miHoYo)
Rosaria the character from Genshin Impact. (miHoYo)

To improve the gaming experience, players will also be introduced to new features and optimizations. In v1.4, players can store 5 condensed resins in the bag at the same time. In addition, players can choose to lower their world tier according to their needs, regardless of whether they play in solo or co-op mode.

Of course, the new Genshin Impact update has been eagerly awaited by players. So don’t miss out on the various tensions miHoYo has to offer in this action RPG game. Get ready for this update on March 17th, 2021.

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